Bucket List To Travel Around The World This January

1. The most amazing view ever, at Lion's Head, Cape Town

From @orianethevenot

2. What if I told you that Maine is WAY MORE than a summer and fall travel destination? At Acadia National Park, Maine

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1. Significantly fewer crowds, so you can enjoy some solitude at more popular spots like Thunder Hole, Cadillac Mountain, and Bass Harbor Head Light.

2. PLENTY of outdoor activity options! Yes, you can still hike and bike in Maine in the winter. If there’s snow, you can try fat tire biking, snowshoeing, and even dog sledding! There are also snowmobile trails and ski resorts. Maine has it ALL!

3. Plenty of places are still open for business. Sure, some restaurants and bars are seasonal, but there are plenty of places to cozy up with a good drink and a fried haddock sandwich!

From @krismariawanders

3. A beautiful distraction, at Atlantic Ocean Road

I hope you are ready for the scenic route! This road in Norway really is one of a kind that you want to drive more than once! It‘s called the atlantic ocean road and consists of multiple bridges that connect the small islands.

From @skeye_photo

4. The best wait for it ever, at Chile. Tag someone you love to go skiing with

From @bvergara12

5. The Northern Lights is danicng right above us! At Finland

From @alaa_oth

6. The beauty of Rome during Christmas through the eyes of us

From @b.fabrizio_

7. Spending winter in Vienna, Austria is always a good idea

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8. Wonderful memories!

From @andrewfolks

9. Watching the night sky in a warm tropical climate, at Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been named one of the top places in the world for stargazing. Astronomy buffs will know that these months during Costa Rica’s dry season offer incredible opportunities to see in cloudless skies the constellations of the Southern Cross, Omega Centauri, the Magellanic Clouds, the Eta Carinae Nebula, and countless other spectacles in the Milky Way

From @jose_perazac

10. Tag your travel buddy in 2022

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11. Watch this guy enjoying his time at Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Lake Louise has drawn visitors to the Canadian Rockies for over a century. The alpine lake in Banff National Park is a wild turquoise blue color fed by glacier melt and set by a backdrop of Mount Victoria and a hanging glacier. This pristine piece of wilderness draws in millions of visitors a year

From @elladjbalde

12. 2 weeks, 6 cities check

Europe is one of the easiest continents to travel inside from one city/ country to another, due to the connected infrastructure and the easy transportation system

From @sullystraveldiary

13. City in Toronto, Ontario

Today there is a long list of nicknames for Toronto. Here are just a few: T.O., Queen City, Hogtown, Centre of the Universe, The Megacity, The City that Works, The Big Smoke, the 416 (after its most common telephone code) or simply “The 6” (popularized by Drake).

From @rushi877

14. Sunny days in Venice

A gondola is a traditional narrow and long Venetian rowing boat. The boat is steered by one person called a gondolier with the help of one long oar. Although gondolas were the main means of transport in Venice centuries ago, today it carries tourists from one point of the city to the other

From @michaelpezzaioli

15. A peaceful day in Lisboa

From bernardosuarez9

16. On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it and Thailand is one them

From @janderycke

17. Hawaii's wild life will always amaze me

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18. Tag a person you wanna travel the world with

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19. Dreaming sunset view, at Cape Town, South Africa

From @bestest_memories_

20. Here is how having brunch with dreaming view in Cape town look like

From @zndoyle

21. Sidemen from above

We already showed you some images of Sidemen from the ground, but to be honest, from the air you can see even better how epically beautiful it is here. If Sidemen isn’t on your list yet, add it real quick!

From tropicaldennie

22. Nothing soothes the soul like the sun of Cape Town

Cape Town is famous for its sun, sea and scenery. It is a beloved tourist destination for visitors all over the world

From @spencerwarren_

23. This is a sign to visit Cape Town

From @zimbo_with_a_drone

24. Catching the most surreal sunrises with us at Yamuna Ghat, Delhi

With the serene Yamuna river, migratory seagulls and peaceful ambience, it is a literal heaven for all those who have an eye for photography

From @__rinkubisht_

25. When the sky outside your hotel room literally looks like cotton candy, at Zanzibar

From  @safirablu_