Destinations To Travel For Upcoming Christmas 2022

1. Nothing steals the heart more than being on the italian coast

Anzio has seen many historical events such as WWII and now is a seaside resort with long sandy beaches and a small port for yachts

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2. Taylor - Adventure Travel from Austria, shares shots from dreamy Norway

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3. Today we resurrected the memory of Jintotolo Lighthouse, at Balud, Masbate, Philippines

The 15.5-metre-high (51 ft) lighthouse was built in 1890s and has a focal plane of 57 meters (187 ft) with 3 white flashes every 10 seconds. The wrecks of the Japanese cruiser Kinu and destroyer Uranami lie on the bottom of the channel

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4. Sunrises and sunsets from all over the world, bucket list we have been in 2022 so far

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5. The sun is shining over New York’s skyscrapers and Central Park

Since 1908, Central Park has appeared in over 240 feature films, thereby making it the most filmed public park in the world

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6. Christmas vibes in Sydney, Australia

Due to Sydney’s location that is near the International Date Line, Sydney is always the first major city in the world to see in the New Year

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7. She showing us how to follow your dreams and live it UP

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8. Name a more wonderful view. Mine are Maldives!

Another interesting fact about Maldives is that it was actually founded by an Indian prince who was sent to exile. Sometime around 270 BC, an Indian prince was sent from the kingdom of Kalinga as a punishment to run over the islands of Maldives. Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya is said to be the first king of the island, which was then called Dheeva Maari, and established the Adeetta Dynasty in the Maldives

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9. Everyone’s favorite time of the year, at London, England. Did you know that London’s subway is the oldest one in the world?

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10. Imagine waking up to this incredible view, at Seychelles

The Seychelles islands can be reached via a 4-hours flight from Dubai or a 5-hours flight from Johannesburg/South Africa and a 12-hours flight from London/UK

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11. Maldives is your ultimate go-to when you’re looking for peace

Maldives is one of the best island destinations in the world. It has numerous atolls, clear waters, pristine beaches and dive sites filled with marine life. With its rich history and diverse landscapes and destinations, you’ll never run out of things to do in Maldives

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12. Mornings like this, at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, the beautiful resort town, is known for its coral reefs and palm-lined beautiful beaches

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13. Strolling through the streets of Atlixco

The city of flowers is located on the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano, boasts the best climate in the world and flowers are part of the daily landscape

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14. Nothing soothes the soul like a day by the beach

Samura is the right place to go into the Maldives. The rooms are pretty spacious, clean and the most important, facing the incredible colourful sea

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15. We shows you guys different activities to do in West Virginia

West Virginia is known for its scenic mountain beauty, unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities and the friendliest folks in the country

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16. It’s never too cold to go ice skating

Europe’s largest natural ice rink is in Switzerland. It is used by professionals (ice hockey players and speed skater champions), as well as beginners just wanting to have some fun

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17. Nothing can be compared to morning coffee with a breathtaking view like this, at Norway

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18. Always say yes to Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa adventures

The capital of Zanzibar is not Stone Town, Many people think that Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar. In actual fact, the capital is Zanzibar City, in which Stone Town is situated. Stone Town is certainly a must-see when visiting Zanzibar, with its narrow streets, coral stone buildings, and spice markets, all of which make the city a centre point of Zanzibari culture. Stone Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is famous for the elaborate wooden carvings which can be found in the doors of most buildings in the city. The carvings are all subtly different in their designs, reflecting social status, ethnicity, and religion; some designs feature verses from the Quran

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19. Gather up it’s Christmas time in other words it’s the magical time of the year let’s celebrate and visit the Universal Studios in Singapore

With constant investments in the field of mobility, healthcare, the security of citizens, business development, and energy. Singapore is undoubtedly among the smartest countries in the world

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20. Our new favorite New Zealand moments in this amazing country

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21. Aurora lights dancing over Lofoten through our  lens

The Lofoten Islands are perfectly located for viewing the Northern Lights. With a latitude of 62 degrees north, it's far enough north for them to be visible even when there's a very low activity. What makes it even more special is that you're surrounded by some of the most incredible landscapes our planet has to offer

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22. This Turkish cabin nestled between the mountains is exquisite

Rize is one of the provinces of the Eastern Black Sea region, which has experienced a tourism boom in recent years. Rize has a coast to the Black Sea and is surrounded by natural wonders of Turkey’s tea, tobacco and bears the distinction of being the capital of kiwi

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23. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Vienna, Austria

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24. Peaceful Day at Joffre Lakes, in British Columbia, Canada

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