Top Travel Destinations #1



1. Fairytale- like architecture, at Brussels, Belgium

If you go to Brussels in August, be sure to check out the flower carpet that covers the Square every year. You will definitely love the colourful patterns of begonias

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2. The fascinating Lisbon, Portugal captured beautifully by us

Lisbon is a city known for its food, nightlife, colorful buildings, fado music, and friendly locals. Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, with a history of 2,700 years. Due to its excellent trading location, the Phoenicians settled in Lisbon around 1200 BC

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3. When the snow is covering the whole city! At Korea

It snows in Seoul during winter, but it is unpredictable. There is usually a few weeks of snow in Seoul during January or February, which are the months with the highest snowfall in Korea

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4. Shares with us how amazing her Vietnam experience was. Have you planned your trip to Vietnam yet?

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5. Under the Mount Fuji.

You will find that most Japanese have a profound appreciation and love of nature. That is due to the ingrained spirituality of the Shinto religion. That is one of many Japan facts.

The reason is that Shinto followers believe that all of nature, from rivers and mountains to rocks, are possessed by spirits

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6. Thai curry is the most popular foods in the world

A vital part of tourism is also looking out for memorable and unique eating and drinking experiences anywhere in the world. Often termed as food tourism, this pursuit is categorized under experiential travel. In present times, food stands equal to accommodation and sceneries when it comes to deciding a place to travel


7. Cabins blending with Northern lights, it dancing right above our head

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8. A fascinating view of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

An integrated resort notable for transforming Singapore’s city skyline, it comprises three 55-storey towers of extravagant hotel rooms and luxury suites with personal butler services. In addition, its architecture is made complete with the Sands SkyPark which crowns the three towers

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9. Exploring the beauty of Kandersteg, Switzerland village

Kandersteg is located at 1,200 meters in the Bernese Oberland and offers a fantastic view of the Blümlisalp Massif

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10. Save this place for your next trip to Amsterdam

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11. Today we share an outstanding cinema experience in Amsterdam


12. What’s your drink of choice? Did we find the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam part 1, at NJOY

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13. Pink never goes out of fashion, at Pink beach , Amsterdam

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14. A unique hidden gem in Amsterdam, it's Secret Garden

Secluded private gardens are all over Amsterdam. They’re known as hofjes, and they’re usually lush courtyards where people can sit, read, and enjoy the peace


15. This is your sign to start planning a trip to Keukenhof, Amsterdam in April for tulip season

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16. Forever in love with Porto

UNESCO has designated Porto's historic center as a World Heritage Site. Many beautiful churches with remarkable architecture may be seen in Porto. The center holds different essential monuments of the city and is rich in Portuguese architecture, making it one of the most popular attractions. The Clérigos Tower Church, with a height of 75 meters and 240 spiral staircases, is the oldest structure in the city. Other must-visit cathedrals and sites include Se Cathedral, The Carmelite Church, and Cedofeita Church

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17. HAHA all the way from Seoul to Switzerland

The video is part of the television show ‘Battle Trip’,” says media spokesman Julian Thorner from Switzerland Tourism to Blick. In the South Korean TV show, two teams compete against each other on trips abroad. The episode in which the video clip was produced was created in cooperation with the Swiss Tourism Representation in South Korea

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18. Korean people are absolutely amazing in passing the vibes

One of the trademark scenes that ‘ًExtraordinary Attorney Woo’ show left is a signature greeting between Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Ramil. The two will usually greet each other with, “Woo to the Young to the Woo!” and “Dong to the Geu to the Ra-mi” with some hand gestures

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19. Let’s discover Tulum, Mexico with us

Tulum is worth visiting because it’s where you can experience the Mayan Culture. Because Tulum is still basically a village, it’s a lot closer to its roots than other popular locations on the Mayan Riviera. Tulum, which was originally called Zama, was a major port city for the Maya people 500 years ago

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20. Lunar New Year’s celebrations in Wong Tai Sin Temple. Have you visited Hong kong befor?

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a well known shrine and tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, or the Great Immortal Wong. The 18,000 m² Taoist temple is famed for the many prayers answered: “What you request is what you get” via a practice called kau chim

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21. Those marvelous views deserves a visit

Venice as a city is over 1200 years old; the buildings that can still be seen today are up to 800 years old

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22. Your sign to visit one of the best restaurants in Venice

Ai Barbacani is a historic place in Venice. It was once an ancient coal depot. Its exposed beams testify to this, which today leads the guest to a romantic experience. The name derives from the presence of the barbacani, shelves that come out of the wall structure to allow the houses on the upper floors to be larger than those on the ground floor

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23. Lunch in Venice, so dreamy

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24. The beauty of Venice is timeless, and the experience of this place is a trip in itself

The Italian city of Venice surely makes it onto every traveller’s must-see list. It is a destination unlike any other, with a reputation for romance that surpasses even that of the Italian capital, or Venice’s near neighbour that was the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

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25. This is how a dinner date in Venice like

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26. Venice, the city of love. Tag someone special with whom you’d love to have dinner her

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27. Restaurant in Venice, Italy be like

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28. Wanderlust and waterfalls, for sure!

Visit Iceland and you'll discover a land of volcanoes, glacier lagoons, and black sand beaches. Enjoy exploring at your own pace on these Iceland self-drive tours, which include accommodation, car rental, hand-marked maps and more

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29. We are absolutely in love with these amazing coffee houses in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the world capital of music because nowhere else was home to more famous composers than here. Classical music is the heart of our music history and the work of great composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert is still showcased on many stages throughout the city

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