Top Travel Destinations #105



1. Do you know what Koreans do during Seollal?

From @lucknowi_nawab_in_korea

2. Korean Pizza Experience🤤

1. Stuffed Torched Bulgogi Pizza🔥🥩🍕
2. Honey Cream Cheese Pizza🧀🍯🍕

What makes Korean Pizza Experience Unique?😱 Korean pizza is known for its unique toppings and flavor profile. While you can still find traditional pizza options, the majority of Korean pizzas tend to have a sweeter and less salty taste compared to their Western or European counterparts. One of the distinct characteristics of Korean pizza is the use of unconventional toppings such as Sweet Potato, Cheesy Corn, Cheesy Crust, Grizzled Honey, Bulgogi Pieces, Spicy Chili Paste (Go-Chu-Jang🌶️ ), & More. However, you can find original westernized toppings on Korean Pizzas as well..💯 (or with the unique toppings in combinations😱) It’s also common for Koreans to replace the Pizza crust with cheesy and crunchy pizza pockets or stuffed with sweet potato moose (or both🤤😋) It’s definitely an experience..🍕🤤😋

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4. The snack we need to eat right now! 🍜😋

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5. Escape the ordinary at this charming retreat just beyond Seoul’s vibrant pulse!🌸💗

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6. Check out this must try hotteok place in Korea

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7. Indulge in Korean comfort food a symphony of flavors that soothes the soul!🤤🥢

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8. Seoul covered in snow is truly magical!

When does it snow? Hard to tell this days but usually from mid December till the end of February?

From chrisbg

9. Have you been to Suwon’s new mind-blowing library? 🤯📚

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10. This recipe is definitely a must try! 🥚😋

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11. Seoul Metro includes 768 stations that can take you not only around Seoul

but also to neighboring cities. Clean, efficient, and reliable transportation for those living here or visiting ✨


12. Let’s explore the new Starfield library 📚🤩

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14. POV: You are finally in South Korea!🤩

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15. The cutest snack for a picnic on a beautiful spring day 🌸

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16. Nuldam Space is a cafe that allows you to write and send a letter to yourself one year in the future!

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19. What are you waiting for pack your stuff and travel to Korea

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20. Pov: your first snow in Seoul 🌨️❄️


21. The snack we need to eat right now! 🍜😋

From @eatwithhendri

22. 6 apps you need to install when you travel to Korea

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23. Discover the things that simply make sense in Korea!🤩🫰🏻

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24. Experience the rare beauty of Jeju Island adorned in a blanket of snow!🌨️❄️

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25. Embrace the scenic splendor of Seoul by exploring its diverse hiking trails!🌆💫

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26. Join the ‘Black is the New Black’ club in Korea!🖤🤩

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