Top Travel Destinations #107



1. How delicious does this spam kimbap look? 😋

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2. The perfect meal for a soon to be hot summer day! 🤩

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3. Daffodils by the sea with one month left🌼

Gonggoji Island, famous for its daffodils. It's good, but for people like me who don't have good physical strength, here near Gujora Beach, I recommend going!

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4. Pretty soon, the cherry blossoms will start 🥰🌸

These are some locations to see cherry blossoms in Seoul:
📍Seokchon Lake (📸 March 30, 2023)
📍Yeonnamdong (📸 April 1, 2023)
📍Hapjeong-Sangsu (📸 April 1, 2023)
📍Yeouido (📸 April 2, 2023)
(*last three are all near each other—)

Every year, I visit different areas that I couldn’t in that short time frame. Cherry blossoms bloom and then peak for only a couple days, before the wind blows them all away!! Follow to see where I visit this year 💕

*locations even peak before others in Seoul because of the direction the sunlight hits the area*

Other places to see Cherry blossoms in Seoul:
📍Children’s Grand Park
📍Namsan Park
📍Seoul Forest
📍Yangjae Stream
📍Banpocheon Stream
📍Gyeongbokgung Palace
📍Jeongdok Library

*Seoul and northeastern are last to bloom/peak, so you can visit the southern areas for cherry blossoms first and make a whole week out of it!

From seoulfuldiaries

5. Today we are giving you guys a list of places you must visit outside of Seoul!🤩


6. Today we taking you guys on a virtual tour around the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia! 🧡

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7. Discover the hidden gem that shimmers beneath the desert sun, at Long salt lake, Abu Dhabi

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8. He giving us a splash of adrenaline! 🤯At Zip Line Croatia, Omis, Croatia

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9. Canada under a blanket of snow is a serene and enchanting sight

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10. Sunset proxy ride

💡Paragliding involves launching yourself from a mountain or hill and gliding through the air under a lightweight, fabric wing called a paraglider. Unlike hang gliders, paragliders have no rigid frame, making them more portable and accessible.

From @david.andreev_

11. Experience serenity in the heart of the Laqua Vineyard Suites, Tuscany, Italy

💡 Laqua Vineyard offers six cozy and elegantly designed suites, each reflecting the unique style of this enchanting territory. Nestled within the Tuscan countryside, prepare for a Michelin Star culinary experience that will leave an indelible mark on your palate.

From @lucreziaworthington

12. Discover New Zealand ‘s breathtaking tapestry of nature’s wonders!🌳❤️‍🔥

From @joannehollings

13. The City That Enchants: Unveiling the mesmerizing beauty of Vancouver!🌟🫶

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14. An aerial shot of the beautiful Humayan’s tomb.🤩At Delhi

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15. Winter in Slovenia is truly out of this world.🥹😍

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16. Capturing moments like these in Norway’s wilderness, where every view is a postcard

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17. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush amidst glacial beauty! ❄️

💡Free falling into a glacier is an exhilarating adventure known as “ice climbing” or “glacier rappelling.” It involves descending into a glacier’s crevasse, a deep crack in the ice, and then rappelling down its icy walls.

From @sebastian_schieren

18. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland’s aurora!💚✨

💡The best time to see the Northern Lights is during the winter, between September and April, when dark and long nights have taken over from the bright summernights in Iceland.

From @watchluke

19. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway

💡The Seven Sisters Waterfall, located in the Geirangerfjord, is one of Norway’s most famous waterfalls. Each of the seven falls has its own name, with the tallest cascade reaching a drop of about 250 meters. The waterfall is most powerful during the snowmelt season in late spring and early summer.

From @settemsdal

20. Exploring the breathtaking panoramas that unfold with each turn!❄️✨At Switzerland

💡Beyond the adrenaline rush, the panoramas unfold like breathtaking tapestries. Emerald valleys cradle charming villages, their smoke curling into the frost-kissed air.

From @marcomrheiniger

21. Navigating the twists and turns of Colorado’s scenic masterpiece – the Million Dollar Highway!🏞️

💡Carved through the San Juan Mountains, this iconic road spans from Ouray to Silverton, offering jaw-dropping views of rugged peaks and alpine landscapes. Did you know the Million Dollar Highway earned its name not from construction costs, but from the million-dollar views it unveils.

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22. Camping at Moreton Island, Australia means front-row seats to nature’s most spectacular show

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23. Finding peace in the rolling hills of Texas

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24. From the roar to the ripple, Idaho’s waterfalls are a sight to behold, at USA

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25. Nestle among the whispering pines and discover the enchantment

💡Perched high in the trees, The Tree Lofts offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. This serene getaway, located a short drive from the vibrant heart of Music City, invites you to unwind in its cozy cabins that blend seamlessly with nature. Each loft is a sanctuary of tranquility, featuring panoramic views, elegant wooden interiors, and all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

From @journey.more

26. Stepping into a tulip field in Amsterdam, Netherlands is like stepping into a painting!🌷🖼️🤯

From @nick_skeyes

27. Embark on a magical journey on the White Pass Railway in Alaska

💡The White Pass Railway in Alaska offers a breathtaking scenic journey.This historic railroad, built during the Klondike Gold Rush, winds through stunning landscapes of snow-covered mountains and icy waterfalls. Traveling this route feels like stepping into a magical world, with its panoramic views and awe-inspiring scenery, making it a must-visit for those seeking a wintery, enchanting adventure.

From @janybohec

28. Embarking on a year-round hiking odyssey, at Colorado

💡From the snowy heights of Pancake Rocks to the vibrant wildflowers of Rustlers Gulch, each month unfolds a unique hiking experience. Did you know Mount Sniktau is the perfect training ground for high-elevation summer hikes.

From @menkesinthemountains

29. Did you know that Boone is home to the highest ski area in the eastern United States and has one of the oldest ski resorts in North Carolina? 🎿🏂🗻

💡That’s right, at Beech Mountain Resort, you can carve your way down the slopes at an elevation of 5,506 feet, ensuring epic thrills and stunning views! Not to mention Appalachian Ski Mountain which was established in 1968 and has been providing winter fun for over 50 years! ❄️☃️

Take your pick at one of the many ski resorts surrounding Boone! 😍👇🏼

Appalachian Ski Mountain ❄️🏔️
✔️A great mountain to start at, especially for beginner-level / first-time skiers!
✔️A smaller resort, with not too many runs, but enough for people of all experiences to enjoy AND they have a great terrain park!
✔️A great outdoor ice rink for all the ice skaters out there!
✔️A restaurant at the base that serves food all day (perfect if you’re spending all day there)
✔️Very affordable lift tickets and rentals.
✔️Open until 11 PM and well lit at night so you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding into the evening!

Beech Mountain Resort ❄️🏔️
✔️Much larger mountain with more lifts and runs for more experienced visitors (they still have bunny slopes to learn on if you’re a beginner).
✔️Incredible peak views for those of you that are suckers for good views!
✔️Full bar at the peak so you can relax and enjoy a drink if you need a break!
✔️Very affordable lift tickets and rentals.
✔️Restaurant and Brewery located at the base for when you get hungry or when you’re ready to chill.
✔️Open until 10 PM and well lit for the night skiing enthusiasts!

From @camtravelz

30. I 🤍 Canadian winters

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