Top Travel Destinations #112



1. Gangwon-do is definitely a shining wonderland during winter 🤩❄️

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2. Who’s craving the famous super long soft serve in Korea🍦😋

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3. Counting the days till Seoul turns pink 🌸💕

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4. Seokchon Lake, nestled in the heart of Seoul, is wrapped in a serene beauty during winter that must be experienced

As you stroll around, the crisp winter air is filled with the gentle rustling of leaves and the soft crunch of snow underfoot. The lake, surrounded by the picturesque backdrop of snow-dusted trees and the iconic Lotte World Tower standing tall in the distance, offers a moment of tranquility amidst the bustling city life. It is said that the winter light, reflecting off the tranquil waters, creates a mesmerizing scene that leaves visitors spellbound. A visit to Seokchon Lake in this season is a gentle reminder of the quiet beauty that winter brings to Seoul.

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5. POV: you’re exploring Posted Changdeokgung Palace on a beautiful snowy day ❄️🥰

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6. The waterfalls of Milford Sound, New Zealand will leave you speechless!😍🏞️✨

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7. A quick shot of drone from the trip to Santorini, Greece

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8. This is your sign to visit Seychelles in 2024😍

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9. Tidal Basin under a veil of ice fog, where the chill of winter wraps the monuments in a mystical embrace

💡The Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., adopts a tranquil atmosphere, with the waters reflecting the bare branches of cherry trees and the silhouettes of surrounding monuments. The area becomes less crowded, offering a peaceful setting for winter walks. The frosty air and occasional snowfall add a serene beauty to the iconic landmarks, making it a picturesque spot for photography and quiet reflection amidst the city’s historic backdrop.

From @tinaka202

10. A little bit of the city, a little bit of the nature, and everything in between!😍At Bogotá, Colombia

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11. This is why you always need to have patience when aurora chasing! 😍At Alaska

💡When does auroral activity peak? Before what’s called “magnetic midnight.” During this time which is usually around 12-1 am, the aurora usually goes through a substorm cycle. An auroral substorm is the time when the most powerful auroras occur! It’s when the auroras dance and get bright.

From @vincentledvina

12. Catching the last rays in Butterfly Valley, where nature performs its best show

💡Camping in Butterfly Valley, Turkey, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by stunning landscapes and a variety of butterfly species. The valley, nestled between the dramatic ridges of Mount Babadag, is a popular spot for trekking and enjoying the natural beauty, with options for both free camping sites and glamping facilities available on the beach. For those who prefer a more structured setup, there are designated camping areas equipped with basic facilities like showers, toilets, and communal areas. It’s important to bring your own camping equipment and supplies, and be prepared to pay a camping fee.

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13. Throwback to wandering through the ethereal beauty of Yoshino cherry blossom in Washington DC during fall 🍂🍒❣️

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14. Day 2 solo backpacking Central America, at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


15. Unveiled Australia’s mesmerizing wonders from a bird’s-eye view! 🏞💫

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16. Embarks on epic hikes, North Cascades National Park beckons adventurers⛰️🤩

💡 North Cascades National Park boasts over 300 glaciers, earning it the nickname “the American Alps,” a testament to its stunning alpine landscape reminiscent of the European mountain range.

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17. You wake up at 4AM for a sunrise kayak tour, and it's amazing


18. A paradise spell at Nui Bay - Phi Phi Island, where the world pauses, and the magic plays. 🌊

From @florisgone

19. Diving into adventure and swimming alongside these gentle giants in their natural habitat is nothing short of magical 🐢💦At Bright Paddle, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

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20. Lost in the magic of Norway’s forests, where the trees dance and houses spin, at Utsiktsredet Tree Top Hut, Brumunddal

💡The Utsiktsredet Tree Top Hut in Brumunddal, Norway, offers a unique, rotating cabin experience in the midst of a tranquil forest, providing a perfect escape for those seeking adventure and a connection with nature. Located just 1.5 hours north of Oslo, these original treetop cabins immerse visitors in the wilderness, allowing close encounters with birds and squirrels, and a variety of activities like paddling and skiing.

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21. Have you ever seen a storm this scary & beautiful at the same time?🌊✨At Switzerland

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22. Embrace the essence of ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica

where every moment is filled with pure life, adventure, and natural beauty. 🌟

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23. Roam through Olympic National Park, where nature’s grandeur unfolds endlessly🌿😌

💡 Olympic National Park is home to one of the world’s few temperate rainforests, offering a lush and diverse ecosystem unlike any other in the United States.

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24. Embark on an exhilarating adventure with a hike to Quarry Rock , North Vancouver

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25. Adventures for two in the enchanting landscapes of Indonesia 💑🌴

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26. Winter wonders in the desert: Experience Arizona’s cool charm

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27. POV: You went on a trip to Maldives with the first person in your share list 😍


28. Hidden gems and roaring cascades deep in the heart of Cañón El Salto, Coamo, Puerto Rico

From @viajerodelparaiso

29. Driving through Norway’s dramatic landscapes, framed by towering hills


30. Whispering pines, northern lights, and a cozy retreat among the trees

💡Woodnest Treehouses in Odda, Norway, offer a luxurious escape nestled in the Norwegian woods, overlooking the stunning Hardanger fjord. These unique accommodations combine the adventure of nature with modern comforts like electricity, Wi-Fi, and underfloor heating. Designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard, Woodnest has both 4-person and 2-person capacity treehouses, making it an ideal getaway for both romantic escapes and small group adventures.

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