Top Travel Destinations #23



1. Lands of Paradise,Hurry up and check one off your list! At Croatia

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2. Travel is not about finding yourself. It is about finding pizza in Italy

The official language of Italy is Italian, which is spoken throughout the vast majority of the country. However, there are also 34 minority languages that are also spoken, including German, Sardinian, Slovene and Albanian

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3. Wake up to delicious morning pool breakfasts in Bali

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4. Find a beautiful place like France and get lost! At Port Grimaud , France

Did you know that Port Grimaud is called "French Venice" or "Mini Venice". It is fabulous town built purposely to be just like Venice. It is located seven kilometres south-west of Sainte Maxime and about six kilometres east of Grimaud. The town was the dream of Alsatian architect François Spoerry who in 1962 bought the marshy areas at the mouth of the river Giscle

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5. We went to Zakynthos and the famous shipwreck beach was closed because of an earthquake

What did we do? We discovered all other less famous places on the island

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6. Land of Paradise,hurry up and check Como Cocoa Island, Maldives off your list

Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an archipelagic state in South Asia, situated in the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 750 kilometres from the Asian continent's mainland

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7. You can never go wrong,with a trip to Maldives

In the 1800s, Shells were used as a method of international trading currency, something which the Maldives had by the bucketload

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8. An adventure a day, keeps the doctor away, at Thailand

Did you know that Bangkok Was Once called the ‘Venice Of The East’

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9. There's no such thing as a place better than Lisbon , Portugal

Did you know Portugal is the oldest country in Europe

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10. The sky is burning, at Finland

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11. This view looks beautiful, at Dubai / UAE

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12. The sky is not the limit it is just the view

The lights, which are also called aurora borealis, show up at night when the sky is dark. It's like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky, with a colour palette of green, blue, and sometimes even pink and violet

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13. Paradise found! Would you visit this remote island? At Siladen Island, North Sulawesi

Siladen Island is the first stop on our journey around Sulawesi. From Bali, it only takes 2 short flights and a boat ride to get here

There is only around 300 people living on this remote island and is less visited by tourists, which gives it a true untouched paradise feeling and has the most incredible coral reefs to explore

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14. Enjoying the trip of our dreams

Xcaret is the Mexico’s water park where you and your family will live more than 50 natural and cultural attractions. Swim in underground rivers that come from the heart of the earth. Look closely at the inhabitants of the Aviary, the Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Butterfly Pavilion. Also, eat delicious Mexican and international dishes, discover Pre-Hispanic ruins, and be thrilled by the incomparable Xcaret México Espectacular presentation

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15. If you follow your heart it will usually lead you to the tropical paradise Mauritius

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16. Whom you would take here?

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17. Views that speak to your soul, at Cancun

Cancun is considered to be the heart of the Mexican Caribbean and year on year thousands of visitors who come to the Yucatan Peninsula end up right here! The gorgeous beaches, great weather, and amazingly clear and clean waters are huge pulls for many tourists, but Cancun has much more to offer than just this

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18. Even on the gloomy mornings, this place is breathtaking, at Esperance , Australia

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19. My kind of honeymoon, at Oahu , Hawaii

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20. A view to effort for, at Phang Nga bay, Thailand

Here is a list of all tourist attractions you can’t miss in Phang Na.

Ao Phang-nga National Park - 3.6 km
Fantastyczny Punkt Widokowy - 2.8 km
Samet Nangshe Viewpoint - 350 m
Samet Nang She Cafe viewpoint - 350 m
Ice Cream Cave - 3.4 km
Ao Tho Li Viewpoint - 1.3 km

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21. Hidden gem at the South of France

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22. Croatia is in my top 5 countries that I’ve visited

As you can see, when it comes to scenery, Croatia is a strong contender for Europe’s best. The country’s dazzling Adriatic coastline - with its sunny beaches, shimmering waters, and clusters of walled, red-capped towns sprouting from photogenic headlands, are well known (even more so since they became a backdrop for Game of Thrones)

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23. My idea of mountain, at Vermiglio , Italy


24. Koh Hong, Thailand 360° View Point

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25. Just a normal day at Seychelles

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