Top Travel Destinations #28



1. Can’t get over this beauty, at Cyclades - Santorini

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2. Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

straddling the border of California and Nevada. It’s known for its beautiful beaches with clear water and ski resorts

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3. A breakfast with a view, at Sicily, Italy

Sicily, the largest island in Italy, is home to some of the best beaches, quaint villages, and towns, as well as a vast number of old ruins and archaeological sites. conquers the Mediterranean’s warm waves. Sicily has always served as a nexus for many dietary traditions, geographical regions, and cultural traditions

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4. Just breathtaking, at Arco di Goloritzé - Baunei

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5. Greece is a country in Southern Europe, on the southernmost tip of the Balkan Peninsula, with extensive coastlines and islands

Greece is geographically appealing place to visit, with a mountainous mainland and idyllic island beaches

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6. A hidden beauty in Nui beach - Phi Phi Islands

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7. Amazing! At Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is an American 🇺🇸 national park located in northwestern Montana. The park encompasses over 1 million acres and includes parts of two mountain ranges

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8. Aruba is an island and a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea

located about 1,000 kilometres west of the main part of the Lesser Antilles and 29 kilometres north of the coast of Venezuela. Aruba forms a group referred to as the ABC islands. Collectively, Aruba and the other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are often called the Dutch Caribbean

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9. Australia’s best infinity pool with sunset view!

Lake Argyle Resort, which was originally built in 1968 as accommodation for worker during construction of the Ord River Dam, lies on Gibb River Road, a popular track for four-wheel-drive travellers exploring the Kimberley region. The holiday village offers 240 camping and caravan sites and 44 villas and cabins

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10. Meet new friends today! At Aruba


11. Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost country on Indochinese Peninsula

With an estimated 96.2 million inhabitants as of 2019, it is the 15th most populous country in the world . Vietnam shares its land borders with China 🇨🇳 to the north, and Laos 🇱🇦 and 🇰🇭 to the west. It shares its maritime borders with Thailand 🇹🇭 through the Gulf of Thailand, and the 🇵🇭 , I Indonesia 🇮🇩 and Malaysia 🇲🇾 through the South China Sea. Its capital city is Hanoi, while its most populous city and commercial hub is Ho Chi Minh City, also known by its former name of Saigon


12. Beautiful from every angle, at Montenegro


13. Healing for the soul. How amazing is the scenery? At Maldives

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14. I followed my heart and it led me here! At Whitsundays - Australia

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15. Today we shows you guys this calm and peaceful beach in Maldives

The Islands in the Maldives have white and fine quality sand that embraces the tropical vegetation. Eye-pleasing natural beauty of these Islands attract tourists from around the world. The beaches are nestled amidst beautiful coral islands and give you relationship goals to be ticked off your bucket list

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16. These birds are chirping just for all! Today we take you guys to this stunning jungle in Maldives

Did you know that 3.3% or about 1,000 ha of Maldives is forested, according to FAO. Maldives’s forests contain - million metric tons of carbon in living forest biomass

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17. A PIECE OF PARADISE! Did you know this place in Egypt?

Siwa Salt Lake was one of the reasons we wanted to visit Siwa, and what a place!
Without a doubt, these natural salt pools have been one of the places that has most impressed us on the trip
1. Bring sandals and a swimsuit to take a dip
2. Bring water to remove the salt
3. Do not open your eyes in the water
4. Do not jump or dive headfirst
5. Don’t forget the sun cream!
We recommend visiting them around noon as the sun shines directly on the pools and they look even more beautiful

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18. Breathe: pure beauty, at Curieuse island, Seychelles

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19. Fly with us to Amazing La Digue island, Seychelles

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20. Follow your heart it’ll lead you to Nayarit

Nayarit is a small state in western Mexico between the forested mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean

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21. What an absolute dream! At Lake Louise, Canada

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22. Bali summer love

Of the approximate number of 900,000 islands globally, around 16,000 are inhabited. Approximately 11% of the world's total population, over 730 million people, lives on these islands. Some of these islands are modern and densely populated, while others are very isolated and have very few residents

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23. Breathtaking view in Bali

Bali is renowned for its luxury resorts and villas set within breathtaking scenery, from the beautiful golden sands of Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Uluwatu to the lush uplands of Ubud, making it a favourite destination for honeymooners, couples, and families alike

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24. The beauty of San Francisco, California

San Francisco was the highest-ranked California city, coming in in seventh place nationwide with an average of 1,039 pictures per square mile. The survey gives credit for the ranking to San Francisco’s scenic, seaside beauty.

Have you ever been to San Francisco before?

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25. The beauty of the charming Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is a 3-tiered waterfall. with crisp and clean warm water originating from natural springs. Water from the Cambugahay Falls flows down about three kilometers downstream making numerous wonderful swimming lagoons before it discharges into the Lazi Bay

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