Top Travel Destinations #38



1. Walking down the cobblestone streets of Nyhavn is like stepping into a fairytale

Nyhavn is famous for its iconic townhouses which line the water's edge. The oldest house on the canal is number 9, which has been remarkably unaltered since it was built in 1681

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2. Mahe Island, Seychelles, where every corner is a postcard-worthy view

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. Its terrain is defined by white-sand beaches such as those in the popular resort area of Beau Vallon, and granite peaks including the rainforested Morne Seychellois. The island is also home to Victoria, Seychelles' capital, known for Creole architecture and a colorful covered market with wares like fish, fruit and clothing

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3. We showing you guys breathtaking views in Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is a beach on Milos Island, Greece, situated on the north shore of the island. Waves driven by north winds shape the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shapes, and the area is often compared to a moonscape. The local people often refer to the scenic landscape of Sarakiniko as Lunar

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4. As the sun sets over the Chao Phraya River, the skyline of Bangkok is bathed in a golden glow, creating a picturesque and serene scene

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, located in the central part of the country. It is known for its vibrant street life, ornate shrines and temples, bustling markets, and delicious food

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5. Majestic skies around Nola

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6. We having a very cool experience in Ikono Barcelona

Step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a thrilling journey you'll never forget. A 1 hour tour through numerous rooms that will give free rein to your creativity, you will be able to interact with different immersive and artistica installations that combine sensoriality and technology to offer visitors exceptional emotions

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we couldn't go to Jordan without going to one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Some useful information before you visit Petra:

- entrance is included in the Jordan Pass which costs 93$ When you arrive, go to the ticket office to show your Jordan Pass and get your ticket

- Petra opens at 6am and try to go at that time before the tours come!

- to the Treasury (photo) it's 20 minutes from the entrance

- then we continued exploring and did the shortest trail which was 1h

- if you take the more difficult trail you will arrive at the Monastery. As we work and travel we chose to only visit the essentials and for us it was the Treasury, so we didn't go to the Monastery.

Have you visited Petra yet?


8. Magical shot from Germany

There are so many reasons why Germany is famous, ranging from their iconic festivals like Oktoberfest and Christmas Markets, to their car production in brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as their sporting success with icons like Michael Schumacher being German

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9. We shares with you guys the Krabi amazing experience and shows you what to while visiting there

Krabi, the capital of southern Thailand’s Krabi Province, is a resort town near the Andaman coast. It lies in an area of limestone karsts and mangrove forest. On a hilltop reached by stairs, the Tiger Cave Temple is a Buddhist site with panoramic views. Khao Kanab Nam, 2 slanting hills rising out of water, form a local landmark. Andaman Sea destinations like the Phi Phi Islands are accessible by ferry

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10. The simplicity and elegance of Búðakirkja church is a reflection of Iceland's unique culture and traditions

Búðakirkja church was erected in 1703 by Bent Lárusson, who was a merchant in Búðir. It rotted down but was rebuilt by Steinunn Sveinsdóttir in 1848

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11. A magical show in Casa Batlo

Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage site and an icon in Barcelona, a must see for those who want to discover Gaudí’s work and modernism at its finest. It is also one of the most highly rated cultural and tourist attractions, welcoming 1 million visitors every year

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12. A magnificent view of Arenal volcano, at La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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13. A sunset that swallows you whole, at Cancun, Mexico

Cancun sunsets are a breathtaking spectacle. As the sun dips below the horizon, vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple paint the sky, reflecting off the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Silhouettes of swaying palm trees and the iconic Cancun skyline create a mesmerizing backdrop, making it a perfect moment to cherish

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14. Camping with a view, at Albany, Western Australia

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15. Costa Rica’s hot springs will surely leave you masmerized

Due to the volcanic activity that has shaped Costa Rica’s landscape for thousands of years natural hot springs can be found in many places in the country

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16. Dip into this crystal water and enjoy the stunning Morocco

Akchour is a small village located in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, near the city of Chefchaouen. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, Akchour is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Visitors can explore the winding hiking trails that lead through the lush green forests and along the banks of the crystal-clear Akchour River, which is dotted with stunning waterfalls and natural pools

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17. Exploring Brussels, Belgium - From historic landmarks to a vibrant food scene

every corner of this city tells stories of its rich culture and diversity.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and hosts the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. It is located in central Belgium with a population of around 1.2 million people. It’s famous for its chocolate, waffles and beers

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18. Here’s another version of paradise, at Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

The Villa del Balbianello is a villa in the comune of Lenno, a province in the north of the Lombardy region of Italy, overlooking Lake Como. It is located on the tip of the small wooded peninsula of Dosso d’Avedo on the western shore of the south-west branch of Lake Como, 1500 meters east from the Isola Comacina

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20. It was never about fancy hotels when traveling

Whenever people participate in recreational activities such as roadtripping and camping, the body instantly releases a very special molecule called serotonin. Serotonin, otherwise known as the “happy hormone” is helpful in alleviating symptoms of stress in the body

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21. It’s all about good vibes, and beautiful views in Stockholm

Sweden’s stunning capital is awash with beautiful buildings. Of course, there’s Gamla Stan, the picturesque Old Town, which is home to some of Stockholm’s most impressive architecture including the Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, the Opera House and historic Storkyrkan cathedral

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22. Join us on a road trip adventure in the enchanting Lapland of Finland. 

Have you ever been on a road trip before?

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure through these places:


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23. Nothing compares to the crystal clear waters of Cancun, at Punta Cancun lighthouse

Cancun has a beautiful mix of white sand beaches, vibrant beaches that are popular with tourists, as well as quiet beaches where you can spend some intimate time with family and friends

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24. Prepare to be blown away by the beauty of Ouzoud Falls, Azilal, Morocco

Ouzoud Falls in Morocco located in the Atlas Mountains, this breathtaking waterfall is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. With its three-tiered cascades, lush greenery, and crystal-clear pools, it’s no wonder visitors are captivated by its beauty

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25. The magical glow of the Brussels giant wheel at night casts a spell that captures the heart of the city

illuminating the beauty that lies within

The Giant Wheel of Brussels stands at a height of 55 meters (180 feet) tall, making it one of the tallest Ferris wheels in all of Europe. The Ferris wheel is located in the heart of Brussels, in the Place Poelaert square which is known for offering panoramic views of the city from above

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