Top Travel Destinations #44



1. Take your dreams and float in Venice

The independent Republic of Venice lasted from 697 AD all the way until 1797 AD–more than a thousand years in total! At its height during the 14th century, Venice ruled all the way to Crete and along much of the Balkan coastline, controlling ports in places like modern-day Zadar, Croatia and Kotor, Montenegro

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2. Forever chasing sunsets in Dublin

💡Best Sunset spots in Dublin:
1. Killiney Hill
2. The Hellfire Club
3. The Samuel Beckett Bridge
4. The Great South Wall – Poolbeg Lighthouse

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3. We sharing with you guys some amazing vibes from Tenefrie, Canary Islands

Tenerife is your right place to go if you need to refresh and take in a peaceful view like this

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4. Captivated by Tbilisi's architectural wonders, at Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia, a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It serves as the political, economic, and cultural center of the country.

Ready to be captivated by the vibrant blend of tradition and modernity in Tbilisi?

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5. But first, Istanbul

After Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, Zeyrek Mosque is known as a the largest standing religious structure in turkey

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6. We catching some of our favorite places around Europe

📍Bavaria, Germany
With its picturesque landscapes, Bavaria offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The Bavarian Alps are a popular destination for hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.

📍Appenzell, Switzerland
Appenzell is one of Switzerland’s most original parts, with a beautiful tiny town center and incredible scenery. It is a paradise for any outdoor lover!

📍Dolomites, Italy
The Dolomites are not only a natural wonder but also a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The combination of stunning landscapes, and thrilling activities makes it a beloved destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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7. Living the Italian Summer dream

The five towns that make up the Cinque Terre are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, began life as medieval fortified settlements, each protected by a castle overlooking the sea guarding against Saracen raiders

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8. A picture-perfect moment of Berlin’s beauty

Berlin is a major economic center in Europe and is home to many leading companies across a range of industries, including technology, finance, and media

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9. Drowning into the beautiful sunset, at Cancun, Mexico

Cancun sunsets offer a captivating display of natural beauty. As the sun descends, the sky transforms into a breathtaking palette of fiery oranges, golden yellows, and soft purples. The serene ocean serves as a mirror, reflecting the vibrant hues. Cancun’s sunsets are a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves lasting memories of awe and wonder

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10. Perfect moments in Switzerland

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11. Stunning Switzerland. Wait for it

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12. Fairytale Gstaad, Switzerland

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13. Stunning Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is situated in one of the most impressive trough valleys in the Alps, between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks. With its 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys, colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the biggest nature conservation areas in Switzerland

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14. Incredible Switzerland

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15. Great food and drinks are not in short supply in Maine


16. POV: You get see the northern lights from your plane’s window

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17. The perfect blend of serenity and adventure in Shizuoka, Japan

Shizuoka preserves a rich cultural heritage with its historic temples, shrines, and castles. Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, Sengen Shrine, and Sunpu Castle are notable landmarks that showcase the region's historical significance

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18. Lake Ashinoko in a beautiful day

The best views of the lake in combination with Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from Moto-Hakone. Note however, that clouds and poor visibility often block the view of Mount Fuji, and you have to consider yourself lucky if you get a clear view of the mountain. Visibility tends to be better during the colder seasons of the year than in summer, and in the early morning and late afternoon hours

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19. People come to this shrine to see a tree that is over 2,000 years old, at Kinomiya Shrine, Atami

The ritual and belief is, if you walk around the tree, it will prolong your life by 1 year

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20. Cherry blossoms, canola flowers and Mt.Fuji. at Ryuganbuchi in Shizuoka prefecture.

It is the beautiful scenery we will be able to see soon. The Row of cherry blossom trees which continue for 1 km along the Urui river is very beautiful

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21. Makaino Farm has a lot of animals to see and pet and many activities, with Mt.Fuji view

Makai Ranch in the Asakura Plateau, the waterfall of Mt. Fuji.


22. This is your sign to visit Amalfi in the 2023 summer

💡Places to visit in Amalfi:
1- Amalfi Coast
2- Duomo di Amalfi
3- Museo della Carta
4- Villa Rufolo
5- Torre dello Ziro
6- Chiostro del Paradiso
7- Saint Andrew’s Fountain Amalfi
8- Villa Cimbrone Gardens

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23. Morning view from the Secret Hotels in Santorini, Greece

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24. Your hotel inspiration to beat the summer heat, at Celestial Suites, Kefalonia

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25. Maldives Vacation Goals

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26. Take a dip in Dubai

Situated on its own island, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah features suites overlooking the sea, 8 signature restaurants and a full-service spa. Guests may arrive at the property by chauffeur-driven fleets of Rolls-Royce’s or alternatively by a dedicated helicopter transfer service. The terrace offers two swimming pools, 32 luxury cabanas, a restaurant and a bar. Featuring floor to ceiling windows with panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf, each suite includes a reactor speaker, complimentary Wi-Fi, and widescreen interactive HD TV. Wireless charger and media hub is also available

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27. If you’re visiting Amalfi Coats this summer - you got the hint!

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