Top Travel Destinations #5



1. Porto at night is something else

The name of the city Porto comes from a term “Portus Cale”. Porto was originally named Cale in the Celtic empire. The port city of Cale or Portus Cale was later renamed as just Porto. In fact, Portus Cale later turned into Portucale, from which the current name of Portugal was developed

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2. Wat Tham Khao Prang, Thailand

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3. Today we share the most beautiful sunset in Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California

The pier is not only a place for a beautiful and long walk on the Pacific Ocean where you can admire romantic sunsets and beach views; it is full of life and there are activities and fun for everyone

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4. The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms in Gyeongju! A must see when you’re in Korea this time of year!

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5. This is what call magical sunset, at Rome

Rome is the undisputed record holder. Alongside historical monuments, the city has well over 2,000 fountains in varying forms and sizes, some of which you can even drink from. Others you definitely can’t, so we don’t recommend trying your luck unless there’s a clear indication that it’s safe


6. An incredible skiing rolls!

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7. Beautiful Martinique. Tag someone you would love to visit Martinique with!

Fun fact : A lot of the wild animals of Martinique are endemic, which means they are exclusive to the island.

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8. Toronto, Canada looks magical in winter

The longest coastline in the world belongs to Canada. In fact, it would take about four and a half years to traverse the entire country (without stopping for food, sleep, or rest)

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9. Our favorite night time shots all over Seoul

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10. Here’s your sign to visit New York City. Have you visited NYC before?

New York is known for its towering skyscrapers, famous districts, and endless energy. From baseball and pizzas to Times Square and yellow cabs, there’s a lot to explore in the Big Apple. Amongst the metropolitan boroughs, New York is also famous for its nature including Thousand Island and Finger Lake regions


11. A breathtaking view in Tibidabo, Barcelona

Tibidabo is a hill overlooking Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. At 512 metres, it is the tallest hill in the Serra de Collserola. Rising sharply to the north-west, it has views over the city and the surrounding coastline

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12. Forever celebrating beautiful Yamanashi, Japan winters

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13. Let’s go kayaking in Cancun

The many ways you can have fun in the beautiful waters around Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. Snorkeling, swimming, diving and plunging into cenotes are extremely popular activities and are an incredibly fun way to experience this region.Kayaking and canoeing? Yup, you can do that, too. When you pull out the paddles and venture out on the water under your own power, you get in a good workout and have the flexibility to experience even more.

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14. Bulguksa Temple, at South Korea is just too wonderful to see

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15. Places to visit in Europe this year

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16. Ponte 25 de Abril through the clouds, at Portugal

The bridge spans the Tejo Estuary at its narrowest point and is the only bridge south out of the city.

This massive bridge closely resembles that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the date name remembers the Portuguese Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974

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17. POV: this is your morning view

Mykonos is a stunning Greek island that is best visited between June and September. This is when the vibrant Mykonos nightlife and excellent beaches, are best enjoyed

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18. The magical Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

The myth, originating in 1954 with the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain,” goes like this: If you throw one coin: you will return to Rome. If you throw two coins: you will fall in love with an attractive Italian. If you throw three coins: you will marry the person that you met

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19. Morning slide

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20. In the top of Sunndalsøra, Norway

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21. Surfs-up, again the waves! And the water be so clear

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22. There are no words to describe how beautiful Yeosu, South Korea is

Yeosu is one of the country’s most picturesque port cities especially at night. Famous for its seafood, beaches, flowers and marinas, it is developing as an international ocean resort and tourist destination

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23. What a memory sounds like, at Aswan, Egypt!

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24. Water is electricity for your soul, at Cane River Falls, Jamaica

Without a doubt, Jamaica has some of the best waterfalls in the Caribbean. No matter where you choose to stay while on this island, chances are you’ll be near one of its incredible waterfalls

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25. Welcome to Koh Lipe island, Thailand

Many consider Koh Lipe as the most amazing island of Thailand. On Koh Lipe you will find dream beaches like out of a travel magazine: white powder-sandy beaches and turquoise-blue sea make this place a popular holiday island

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26. Today we encounters a giant flowering plant species, at Phuket, Thailand

At the Ma Doo Bua Café in Phuket, Thailand, you will find a lake covered with Victoria Amazonica. 🇹🇭 It’s one of many popular attractions on this island in addition to famous beaches, natural wonders, and shining temples

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27. Would you ever try this?

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