Top Travel Destinations #85



1. Chasing sunsets in the Netherlands!🌅😍

💡Sunset in the Netherlands is around 8:36 PM.✨

From @basbangaphotography

2. In Colombia, every journey is an invitation to fall in love

💡Colombia, a country of endless surprises, is home to the world’s second-highest coastal mountain range, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This majestic range, known as ‘the heart of the world’ by indigenous communities, boasts not only snowy peaks but also tropical rainforests, making it a unique microcosm of biodiversity where you can experience both summer and winter in one place!” 🏔️

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3. Escape the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the green mountains.⛰️ At São Vicint, Brazil

💡The Valley of São Vicente is a beautiful area located in the Green Mountain range of Madeira Island. The valley is known for its stunning scenery and lush vegetation, making it a popular destination for hiking and nature enthusiasts.

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4. Explore Jordan’s spectacular wonders


💡 Petra, an archaeological marvel, is renowned for its intricate rock-cut architecture. Wadi Rum, a majestic desert, showcases stunning sandstone mountains and unique landscapes. Aqaba, Jordan’s window to the Red Sea, is famed for its vibrant coral reefs and luxurious seaside resorts.

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5. Journey to Iceland, a land where reality blends with fantasy!🌋✨

💡Iceland sits on a volatile volcanic landscape, resulting in geothermal features like geysers and hot springs. The Geysir Geothermal Area is home to the famous Strokkur geyser, erupting with scalding water every few minutes. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa known for its milky blue waters, providing a unique and relaxing experience.

From @farawayfarers

6. We capturing the magical beauty of Huka Falls, New Zealand!😍

💡Huka Falls is not a traditional waterfall but a set of incredibly powerful rapids. The word "Huka" in Mãori means "foam," which accurately describes the frothy, turbulent water.

From @barbiesharmarj

7. This is your sign to visit Slovenia and enjoy its magical beauty!😍✨

💡Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, but it's packed with natural beauty and cultural attractions. From the soaring peaks of the Julian Alps to the emerald waters of Lake Bled, Slovenia has something to offer everyone.

From @immi.slovenia

8. Thoddoo, Maldives where nature paints a lush canvas!🌴💛💫

💡 Thoddoo Island is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and abundant agriculture. Interestingly, it’s renowned as a producer of watermelons and other fruits, contributing significantly to the Maldives’ agriculture. Thoddoo offers a unique blend of stunning seaside views and lush green landscapes, making it a tropical paradise like no other.

From @aim_view

9. A view that never fails to take our breath away! 🤩✨At Sydney, Australia

💡 Did you know Sydney is home to the world’s largest natural harbor? It’s not just about the iconic Opera House or the majestic Harbour Bridge, but the city is also surrounded by world-class beaches, delicious food, and vibrant cultures, making it an extraordinary place for explorers.

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10. Explore the breathtaking beauty of Slovenia's nature

💡Slovenia's nature is a stunning combination of snow-capped mountains, emerald rivers, pristine lakes, and enchanting caves. It offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, from hiking and skiing to water sports and wildlife spotting, making it a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

From @farovers_

11. Experience the breathtaking beauty of South Tyrol

💡 Lago di Braies, located in South Tyrol, Italy, is a stunning alpine lake renowned for its crystal-clear waters and majestic surrounding mountains, offering some of the most enchanting sceneries in the region.

From @tom_juenemann

12. Thailand's sunsets: where the sky paints a masterpiece every evening

💡 Did you know?
Thailand’s unique geographic location results in breathtaking sunsets. As the sun dips below the horizon, it creates a symphony of colors that captivate the sky. Experience the magical transition from day to night in the Land of Smiles.

From thailand.m1

13. You can only see the world through rose-colored glasses in Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia!🤩

💡Hutt Lagoon is a marine salt lake located near the Indian Ocean coast 2 kilometres north of the mouth of the Hutt River, in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

From @framechasers

14. We are taking you guys on a trip to this beautiful traditional Japanese village

💡Shirakawa-gō (白川郷) is a village located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is best known for being the site of Shirakawa-gō, a small, traditional village showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri. Together with Gokayama in Nanto, Toyama, it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

From @empty.japan

15. This is how Colmar, France during Christmas time

From  @jamiefb92

16. Colmar, France is my winter bucket list this year

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17. Experience the enchantment of a French Christmas. ✨🎄

💡 French cities, towns, and homes are adorned with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. The Champs-Élysées in Paris is famous for its dazzling holiday lights.


18. Wonderful Christmas in Strasbourg, France

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19. This is what Christmas in Colmar, France look like

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20. Discover the breathtaking blues of Salda Lake, Turkey

💡 Salda Lake, often referred to as the “Turkish Maldives,” is famous for its striking turquoise waters and white sandy shores. Located in southwestern Turkey, it’s known for its resemblance to the Maldives, making it a picturesque destination. The lake’s unique mineral composition adds to its otherworldly appearance, attracting nature enthusiasts and photographers.

From @ibdansch

21. Discover the hues of blues and greens in the Dominican Republic’s pristine beaches

💡 The Dominican Republic’s captivating greens and blues stem from its rich biodiversity, with lush tropical forests, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs, creating a mesmerizing natural palette for travelers to enjoy.

From  @theeyeintheskystudios

22. Lofoten’s Enchanting Northern Lights: A Dance in the Arctic Sky! 🌌✨

💡Lofoten’s dramatic landscapes are the perfect backdrop for one of nature’s most incredible performances - the Northern Lights. The vibrant colors paint the Arctic sky, creating a mesmerizing dance of light that leaves everyone in awe.

From @frederikfromfinland

23. Our guide for your next trip to Phuket, Thailand

📍Big Buddha
This is a temple and the 3rd biggest Buddha in Thailand. Very impressive and beautiful to see! 😍

📍Ao Yon beach
Quiet beach, clear water and white sand. One of our favourite spot here in Phuket ✨

📍Freedom beach
After a hike you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beach of Phuket 🤩

📍Nai Harn beach
Located on the very south of Phuket, this beach used to be our favourite 💛

📍Naithon beach
Beautiful beach located in the north of the island famous for its stairs to access to the beach 🏝️

📍Ma Doo Bua cafe
Go there for yummy food and enjoy the unique view! You can also book a photoshoot for a small souvenir 👀

📍Monkey Hill
Take your shoes and go for this small hike to enjoy the viewpoint and meet some monkeys on the way 🐒

📍Phuket old Town
Enjoy a walk in the colourful town or go there on Sunday evening to enjoy some street food 😋

Save this for your next trip and share it with your travel buddy ✨🤩

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24. Discover the legendary birthplace of King Arthur at Tintagel Castle

💡Tintagel Castle offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline, with its rugged cliffs and crashing waves. The dramatic landscape has inspired artists and writers throughout history.

From @charlotteswonderland

25. Check out this top pick from Paris, Europe

💡 With its rich history, top-rated tourist attractions, and numerous scenic wonders, Europe offers a wide array of travel experiences for both long and short trips. Despite being the second smallest continent in the world, it's the perfect place to explore and make unforgettable memories.

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