Top Travel Destinations #88



1. We are definitely obsessed with these colors of the year 💛🧡❤️🤎

💡Autumn in Seoul offers cool and crisp weather, breathtaking foliage and stunning views of the enchanting fall colors. Usually, September, October and November are the best months to take a fall foliage trip.

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2. The beauty of Amsterdam buildings! 🤩

💡The style that is most associated with Amsterdam's architecture-Dutch Baroque-is an austere, buttoned-down interpretation of the version popularized in Europe during the 17th century

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3. Discover the wonder of Cenote Oxman, where the past and present collide in a beautiful aquatic paradise

💡The cenote is part of Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman, a historic and picturesque hacienda that was built in the 19th century.

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4. Sunset views that live in our minds rent free

💡 Best places for sunrise and sunset views in Singapore:
1.Labrador Nature Reservs
2.Raffles Marina Lighthouse
3. Yishun Dam
4. Marina Bay Sands

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5. A slice of heaven on earth located in Camps Bay 🏝️🌊

💡 Camps Bay is not just a picturesque beach; it's also a favorite spot for whale watching during the southern hemisphere's winter months. Imagine sipping a cocktail on the beach while spotting majestic whales breaching in the distance – it's a truly magical experience.


6. A magical places to watch sunsets in New Zealand!😍🌄✨

💡New Zealand is known for its stunning sunsets. With its long coastline, towering mountains, and clear skies, the country offers some of the most breathtaking sunset views in the world.

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7. Iceland' Skies are a palette of colors painted on nature's canvas. 🎨😍

💡Iceland's position near the Arctic Circle results in remarkable variations in sky colors throughout the year, thanks to its unique geographical location and ever-changing weather patterns.

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8. Gardens by the Bay: Where nature and innovation unite to create a breathtaking oasis in the heart of the city!😍🤩

💡The Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.

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9. Enjoying the morning tea and breakfast in bed with this amazing view of Lake Brienz. 😍❤️

💡Lake Brienz, located in Switzerland, is a pristine gem nestled between towering mountains and lush forests. Its turquoise waters mirror the surrounding beauty, making it a serene destination for outdoor adventures and relaxation. Whether you’re taking a leisurely boat ride, hiking along its shores, or simply gazing at the reflections of the Swiss Alps, Lake Brienz offers a glimpse of nature’s finest artistry.

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10. Manly Beach, Australia sunrise nature’s spectacle at Its best! 🌅

💡Did you know? Manly Beach in Australia is famous for its stunning sunrise views over the Pacific Ocean. As the sun rises, it casts vibrant hues of orange and pink across the sky, making it a photographer’s dream.

From @carolinebythebeach

11. We found paradise in Isla Mujeres, where the Caribbean beckons and time stands still. 🏝️☀️

💡The town center of Isla Mujeres offers a mix of local culture and tourist amenities. You'll find charming streets, colorful buildings, and a range of restaurants and shops.

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12. Capture dreams in the Swedish twilight 🌅🍁

💡Stockholm’s unique geography, spread across 14 islands, means that you can chase the sunset from one island to another, each offering a different perspective. It’s like a natural, ever-changing canvas painting the sky with new hues as the sun bids adieu to the Swedish capital.

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13. Exploring the unseen, beneath Tulum’s tranquil beauty! 🌿💫

💡 Dive into Sac Actun, an underwater wonderland in Tulum. Home to the world’s longest underwater cave system, it cradles a unique ecosystem and holds secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization in its submerged passages. Marvel at the stunning stalactites and stalagmites as you glide through the crystal-clear freshwater.

From @michaelcarranza_

14. Unveiling nature’s artwork at Simpson Beach! 🌊💖

💡Rubibi, the traditional land of the Yawuru people, boasts the breathtaking Simpson Beach, a pristine coastline that whispers the ancient stories of Australia’s indigenous culture. Here, the azure waters meet the horizon, creating a canvas of the most exquisite blues and greens, enticing every onlooker with its raw beauty.

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15. At the beach - time you enjoyed wasting, is not wasted

📍Featured Locations:

1.Pereybere Beach
2.Le Morne Beach
3.La Cuvette Beach
4.Belle Mare Beach
5.Ile aux Cerfs Beach

💡Mauritius doesn’t just have great beaches, it’s got variety, catering to every visitor’s beachside whim.

While Mauritius is a multifaceted and culturally diverse African island with lots to explore, it’s not hard to see why its beaches – picture-perfect stretches of fine white sand and retina-pulling turquoise waters – are a big draw. They each have their own atmosphere: charming jumping-off points for surfing or dolphin-watching, beaches with an off-the-grid vibe, shallow lagoons for little ones to paddle in or secret coves where you can eat al fresco.

From brian.ellis.adams

16. Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Azores

💡The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, comprises nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic. Known for lush landscapes, geothermal springs, and dramatic coastlines, it offers diverse outdoor activities like hiking and whale watching. The Azores boast charming villages and are a unique natural paradise for eco-tourists and adventurers.

From @tomas_hubacek

17. The magnificent crystal clear waters of Bacalar is beautifully

💡Laguna de Bacalar, also known as the Lake of Seven Colors, is a beautiful freshwater lake located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is known for its crystal-clear waters that range in color from turquoise to blue to green, depending on the depth and the angle of the sun.

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18. Discover the poetic beauty of fall in this timeless Italian gem

💡As autumn arrives in Turin, the city dons a cloak of russet and gold. The tree-lined boulevards and historic avenues, like Via Roma, become a breathtaking spectacle. Cafés offer cozy corners to savor Piedmontese delicacies, while the aroma of truffles fills the air. From the royal gardens of Reggia di Venaria to the charming streets of Quadrilatero Romano, Turin invites you to wander through its autumnal embrace!🍂🌳🌟

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19. Christmas night in London

From @jade_lostinbeauty_

20. Step into a winter wonderland in the heart of London! 🎄❄️✨

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21. Can not wait to comeback here soon! This is how Christmas in London look like

💡London truly comes alive during the holiday season, with its streets adorned in twinkling lights and its iconic landmarks transformed into festive spectacles. From the dazzling Christmas markets offering unique gifts and delectable treats to the ice-skating rinks nestled against stunning backdrops, the city is a treasure trove of holiday delights. The air is filled with the scent of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, while carolers spread joy with their melodic voices. London during Christmas is a magical experience that captures the essence of the season.

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22. Watch La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona stand out in all its glory

💡Located in Barcelona, Spain, this famed basilica is the brainchild of Antoni Gaudí. With a unique fusion of Gothic and Art Nouveau design, it commenced construction in 1882 and remains unfinished, marking it among the globe’s most notable ongoing projects.

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23. Save this beach 🏝️ for your next trip to Thailand, at Nai Harn beach, Phuket

Nai Harn beach is located in the very south of the east coast of Phuket.

The difference of this beach in comparison to others is that there are not hotels directly behind the beach. There is just one hotel next to the beach and some others more behind.
This makes this beach so special as it’s more calm then other beaches 🙌🥰

There are definitely a few small restaurants where you can eat and drink but in total it’s less touristy with less built buildings.

We love this beach a lot and it’s next to Ao Yon our favorite beach in Phuket.

Just be aware that there aren’t many places with shadow during the day. So make sure to take sun cream and get a Teint

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24. Snowflakes and city lights, the perfect Christmas sight❄️✨

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25. White Christmas in London

💡On average, 16 days of the year are covered in snow. This time the snow is expected to last 48 hours from its occurrence, so the Londoners have another day to enjoy the white coverings.

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