Travel Around This Wonderful World

1. A snowflake is winter's version of a butterfly

Winter in Greece is generally mild, with temperatures averaging at around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. Which do you prefer winter/ summer?

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2. Hands up if you’ve fallen in love with Iceland

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3. Beautiful Town Meersberg, Germany

Meersburg is a town in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg. On the shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee), it’s surrounded by vineyards. Medieval Meersburg Castle houses the Fortress Museum, showing a medieval living room and castle dungeon

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5. All I need is breakfast with this breathtaking view. Did you visit Turkey before?

Located in the heart of Goreme, Artemis Cave Suites & Spa features a garden. The hotel also has a terrace and views of the city. You can relax with a drink on the terrace and watch the sunset over the village

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6. Amazing pink color at France with a view

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7. Are we getting you guys excited for Winter? At Montreal, Quebec

Did you know that the winter in Montreal stretches from November to the early weeks of April? That’s surely a looong time

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8. Beautiful evenings in Berlin

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9. Romantic nights to end the night in Milan, Italy


10. Blue vibes in NZ


11. Night time in Lisboa. Tag someone you'd like to experience Portugal with

We all know that Lisbon is rich in history, but many people are unaware of its legacy.

The reality is that Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, being even older than Rome

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12. Paris sunsets are on a whole other level of beauty

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13. Autumn vibes from Finland

Autumn begins around the last week of August in northern Finland and about one month later in southwestern Finland

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14. Some places just feel like home, at Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are 2500 boathouses in Amsterdam, Unsurprisingly, the waterways of Amsterdam mean that a lot of people choose to live in boathouses. There are roughly 2500 houseboats in the city, many of which are over 100 years old. While houseboats are a great solution to the housing crisis in Amsterdam, they are also interesting to tourists and locals alike, and there is a Houseboat Museum that is well worth a visit

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15. Doing this sweet thing called exploring Japan. Are you planning to visit Japan before 2022 ends?

Tokyo is the World’s Most Populated City, the greater Tokyo metropolitan area encompasses three areas and is home to Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Tokyo is estimated to have 38.14 million, rendering it the world’s most populous megacity

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16. One day in Oaxaca, big crush on this colorful, warm and typical city

Mexico City was built on a lake – The city sinks around 12cm annually. In fact, the lakes over which Mexico City is built on are called cenotes. Aztecs chose this place as a sacred location for building The Great Tenochtitlan; their capital city.

Later on, the Spaniards decided to build their city on top of the Aztec constructions giving birth to a new city, a New Spain which later on became Mexico City

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17. These Praha streets at Prague are magic

It is highly recommended to explore Prague on foot, to absorb its rich history and exceptional landmarks

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18. Me everyday

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19. Best date ideas in Miami

Perfect guide for the next time you have no idea where to go with your lover

1-Rosa Sky Rooftop bar Brickell

2- Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach

3- Ocisly Ceramics

4- Wynwood

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20. Reasons to visit Thailand

A Thai woman lived for 33 days & nights in a glass room full of scorpions, setting a new world record

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21. This is your sign to visit Portugal

Lisbon is older than you might think, We all know that Lisbon is rich in history, but many people are unaware of its legacy. The reality is that Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, being even older than the capital of Italy, Rome. Records also suggest that the only city older than Lisbon is Athens, which is effectively certified

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22. Meanwhile, in Vancouver

Canada has the longest coastline in the world, the longest coastline in the world at over 125,500 miles. Canada also has the longest international border

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23. Your sign to visit the French Alps, at Chamonix

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24. Hola from Mexico

Mexico is Latin America’s most visited tourist destination. According to the World Tourism Organization reports, Mexico is the Latin American country with the highest number of international visitors and is ranked 10 worldwide.

This comes as no surprise given the diversity Mexico has to offer in terms of culture and nature. 32 locations in the country have been awarded as World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Once again, Mexico leads the ranking in the American Continent in this category as well being placed 6 worldwide

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