Wonderful Travel Destinations Around The World

1. Cherry Blossoms of Mount Yoshino, Nara, Japan

Mount Yoshino is a mountain located in the town of Yoshino in Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture, Japan that is a major religious and literary site. It is renowned for its cherry blossoms and attracts many visitors every spring, when the trees are in blossom

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2. Famous Charles Bridge in Prague

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3. Magical Views at Cologne, Germany

Cologne, a 2,000-year-old city spanning the Rhine River in western Germany, is the region’s cultural hub. A landmark of High Gothic architecture set amid reconstructed old town, the twin-spired Cologne Cathedral is also known for its gilded medieval reliquary and sweeping river views

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4. Sunsets From The Passerelle Tondo in Brussels

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5. What your typical views will look like if you’re living in Iceland

Auroras appear to the naked eye as a very faint, white glow in the night sky to the magnetic north. Many auroras are totally invisible to the naked eye or can only be seen by looking at them indirectly, i.e. out of the corner of your eye. It is extremely rare to see them in colour with the naked eye

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7. Just breathe, and enjoy the view, at Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are known for their extensive wild landscapes, which includes tracts of old-growth forest, Wildflowers abound, and hundreds of species of shrubs, herbs and grasses may be encountered in a day's outing

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8. Charming and beautiful palace, at Drottningholm Palace

It is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and at the same time is representative of all European architecture for the period

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9. New York from day to night

About 22% of New York City’s land is used for public parks, If you’ve ever visited New York City then you’ve probably seen the splendor of NYC’s parks firsthand. There’s no denying that New York City understands the importance of public parks and acts on that knowledge. In fact, 22% of the city is dedicated specially to public parks

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10. See Charleston with different POV

Charleston, the South Carolina port city founded in 1670, is defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, particularly in the elegant French Quarter and Battery districts

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11. What’s better than walking through these beautiful autumn colors in Vancouver

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12. Hyperlapse of Berlin's iconic streets

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13. Purple trees makes my heart smile, at Lisbon.

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14. POV: You just got to a rooftop bar in Lisbon and this is your View

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15. How beautiful is the sunrise on Prinsengracht canal

Dutch men are the world's tallest people, Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges

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16. The beauty of Monaco

Monaco has a total population upward of 31,400 (2022 est.) and a total land area of 2.02 sq. km. This makes it the most densely populated and second smallest country in the world

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17. Visit The White Temple, at Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), Thailand

The White Temple is famous for its iconic, intricate details as well as some distinctive design elements such as the Bridge of the Cycle of Rebirth, the Gate of Heaven, the Ubosot and the Golden Building. The Bridge of the Cycle of Rebirth is a small bridge that crosses a lake to reach the main building of the temple

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18. Never stop exploring, especially if you live in a country like Iceland

Many Icelanders believe in elves, Between 30 and 40% of Icelanders will not deny the existence of elves. Icelandic folklore is still rich with stories about the Huldufólk, meaning "hidden people", who are said to live in the lava fields

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19. There’s a certain beauty to castles

Classiebawn Castle is a country house built for The 3rd Viscount Palmerston on what was formerly a 4,000-hectare estate on the Mullaghmore Peninsula near the village of Cliffoney, County Sligo, in the Republic of Ireland. The current castle was largely built in the late 19th century

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20. Today we showing you an amazing and beautiful view, at Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud, Bali

Hidden in the hillside at a place where heaven and earth blissfully meet, lies Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud. Our joglo style suites have been carefully crafted from Javanese wood, making your stay with us ethnic and luxurious, in true Blue Karma style. Each suite is individual, yet all as charming as the next. With views of the tropical jungle, abundant rice paddies, and our stunning infinity pool; your stay with us will be like no other

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21. The Peace Wall in Belfast

The Peace Walls were build to reduce tensions between the two divided communities in Belfast. These days there's not a lot of violence like in the past but both sides are still divided

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22. Tuscany, you stole our hearts

Did you know: The Italian language was created from the Tuscan dialect

There hasn’t always been a universal language in Italy. In fact, there used to be a wide variety of dialects, all derived from Latin.

In the Renaissance, around the 14th century, Tuscan writer Dante wrote poems in Florentine, a local dialect from Florence. His work spread throughout the country, and soon the written dialect became the most widely understood dialect in Italy.

As more people wrote in Florentine, and used the dialect, it became the basis for the new official language of Italy: Italian

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23. Who's excited for Christmas in Berlin

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24. This is LYON, France 

The Parc de la Tête d’Or was created the same year as Central Park in NYC, The “Lung of Lyon” hosts one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world with 16,000 species of plants, a roseraie, a lake, and an open zoo

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25. Lifetime experience in Asia

Asia is home to around 2,300 languages, The most widely spoken Asian languages are Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Bengali and Japanese. Hindi is also the oldest language in the world

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