About Me

Hi everyone, my name’s Chadrick. I’m a senior financial adviser, working in a small bank in America for several years. My working environment seemed to be boring because of daily tasks in the office. This is the reason many people want to quit their job. I was to be like that.

Fortunately, my hobby is traveling. On the weekends, I always take a short tour with my buddies or family. I sometimes spend a couple of months discovering the world. When traveling around the globe, I have recognized that the universe is so huge.

At the same time, my mind is wider and refreshed. I removed the feeling of being trapped when thinking of my life. Moreover, I practiced my patient skills to face and deal with problems after my long days in the office.

Apart from relaxing, I also learn how beautiful the world is through traveling. Landscapes, people, and cuisine are three main things we need to understand, I think. The world has approximately 7 billion; so there is no shortage for us to explore.

Besides, this is a smart way to learn in real life. I can touch, I can smell, I can breathe, I can step, and so on. I feel how the wave of life flows. Your mental health is also better at once.

It looks like I’m trying a dish based on the recipe. Yup, I do it by myself and feel how it is good or bad. I will gain unique and authentic experiences. Those activities make me feel that you are living with plants, animals, and other things in the world.

Well, I got married and have a kid. I couldn’t travel every month as before. However, I still sometimes travel around with them. Of course, we have to make a detailed plan in advance. We don’t want to get stuck on some points.

From the time to travel, the budget, to preparing suitcases for my family – there are many things to take into account in the journey. To be honest, I have a dream…strolling around the world with my lovers. Thus, I always attempt to work and do everything to achieve that dream. I often travel around America with my family. My wife and children love it!

How many countries have I been to? I didn’t remember the exact number. I just remember that I’m excited about four core continents - Africa, America, Asia, Europe and even Oceania. When I was a single man, I stepped in a few countries on these five continents.

In each continent, I choose a few nations to make my bucket list. Then, I read the travel guide and all of the information about the target country. All of these tasks tend to be simple but you should spend time preparing and straight ahead.

Because I overcame all of the difficulties when deciding on new lands, I created this blog with several travel guides inside. Hope that each of them can help all of you a lot or answer some questions:

  • How do you spend money to travel around the world?
  • Where do you seek the best travel deals?
  • How do you save your budget on accommodation, flights, and tons of big expenses?
  • How do you keep safe and healthy during the excursion?
  • How could you maximize the traveling time?
  • How could you reach all of the tourist attractions in a limited time?
  • How could you start the first step?
  • How do you make a plan for your trip with friends or families?
  • What kinds of outfits and other things to pack?

By following my tricks and tips, you probably take less time finding the information and being deluging with details. Do more things in less time. You are the captain of your ship and every day is new and fresh to explore.