Asia Bucket List to Travel Before 40

 The most significant part of the globe is Asia which extends all the direction from the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea to the stunning shores of the Pacific Ocean. Its enormous landmass surrounds tourist attractions from mountain ranges like the Himalayas to Gobi deserts and the desolate, dry Arabian.  


You can find a steamy, deep jungle in Southeast Asia, beautiful beaches, and paradise islands. Apart from its enormous size, Asia is noted home to at least half of the globe’s population. As a result, Asia inherits dazzling languages and various cultures for you to explore; it defies the definition of Asia. 

Each country is proud of its unique tradition, original history, magical culture, and plentiful heritage. Asia offers you an exciting, pleasant feeling to step-by-step learn more about the world around you. It gives lots of hidden treasures and natural wonders you should miss out on in your Asia bucket list.      

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is famous for its extravagant sightseeing and luxury gateway. Abu Dhabi builds its name for blissful nature, scorching desert, stunning architecture, Islamic cultural richness, and all-year-round sunshine. With the things to do in Abu Dhabi, you feel excited, captivated, and relaxed.


The Taj Mahal is a crucial reason for you to visit Agra. The city is home to architectural monuments like Fatehpuri Sikri, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Agra Fort.  Agra has attracted tourists from every corner of the world as it reveals the history and showcases modern residences.


Whether your trip is a soul search in a spiritual oasis or looking for a fantastic beach to dig the reality, Bali is one of your appropriate choices. It can offer you holy temples, lush greenery with imposing mountains, immense waterfalls, stunning rice fields, sacred rivers, and magical canyons that all make up Bali’s unique landscape.  


Bhutan builds a name in an Asia bucket list and epic scenery for a photographer looking for a dream destination. The well-noted thing is that Bhutan remains nothing of Western influence, even no presence of well-known Starbucks or famous McDonalds. Last but not least, the Himalayan Buddhist kingdoms exist in Bhutan. 


Boracay is one of the islands in the Philippines and offers impressive beaches, some of the best hotels, and exciting life. Suppose you look for blissful silence or a back-to-basics trip. In that case, Boracay is not on your Asian compelling bucket list, but if you want to join the atmosphere of Filipino holidays, keep it in your itinerary. 


Dubai is known as the most popular stopover city for many airliners heading across the world. Additionally, it offers scenic landscapes of shiny, beautiful skyscrapers, modern buildings, white dunes, and fascinating beaches. You will have an all-inclusive accommodation choice, buying spree at Dubai luxurious malls. 

Chiang Mai

It’s a chance for you to explore Chiang Mai in aspects of a favorite destination, cultural sights, and beautiful beaches. It’s a region of misty mountains and minority tribes. Chiang Mai provides a playground for seasoned and young travelers, a paradise for buyers, and an occasion for adventurers. 

On your visit to Chiang Mai, you will widen your horizon with cooking courses and Thai massage. For souvenirs or gifts, you get excited at the variety of antiques and handicrafts.


Jaipur is on the Asia bucket list in India, offering an epic history of the past. Many luxury hotels at a high price used to be royal palaces that will reveal a king’s life to you. Jaipur may appeal to you for numerous festivals, innumerable fairs, and attracting activities out there. 

Ha Long Bay

The name Ha Long means Descending Dragons. It is one of the UNESCO World’s Heritage and is famous for limestones islands covered by rainforests. You will see many stunning junk boats touring around scenic islets, which offer healthy activities such as rock climbing, kayak tour, and hiking in winding paths in the area.  

Hoi An

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s travel destinations, which maintains its charm, culture, and tradition even in front of the influx of tourism. According to UNESCO, Hoi An is an ancient town or a well-preserved place of one-time trading port in Southeast Asia. You will find the influence of the foreign and local, which produces the town’s unique characteristics.  

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country in Asia that blends the characteristics of the West and the East. You need 48 hours only to travel across Hong Kong to grab a taste of how it is. Apart from being vibrant, the city inherits numerous Buddhist temples and gives an impeccable panorama from the Peak Tower. 

Luang Prabang

As one-time royal capital, Luang Prabang inherits a wealth of sacred temples and historical relics. You will admire the blending of Lao and French architecture across Luang Prabang and the Royal Palace Museum, which reveals the story of the country’s past.

Laos is on an Asia bucket list because it inherits the mountainous terrain, authenticity, and hospitality. Moreover, it owns a good location in a convenient combination to travel to its neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Laos is proud of untouched beautiful nature and a lack of commercialism from the West. 


It’s inspiring to stay in hotels floating on private islands. Sea with sandy beaches and clear waters offers an ideal place for snorkeling. In addition, Maldives is a beautiful honeymoon destination for newly married couples who want to warm up their happiness. Before a trip, you think the Maldives is a paradise; after a visit, you recognize it is more than a paradise.  

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut is your exact option if you want to find a honeymoon destination or happiness-warming place. Its name means a beautiful island. It includes a group of islands in which Pangkor Laut is the main island. It has many hotels and resorts, especially a famous Pangkor Laut resort.

Pangkor Laut resort provides various relaxing activities, including yoga, private cruise, and water activities. If you take a magnificent cruise at dusk, you will have a chance to enjoy the sunset panorama of the island from the sea. 

Upon arriving at the island, you will discover natural beauty, wooden buildings on stilts extending to the turquoise sea, with an impressive backdrop of lush greenery. Also, you can dig into seafood dishes processed with fresh ingredients.


Phuket is a mountainous island in Thailand and one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as well. You will find the main beaches like Kata Beach, Patong Beach, Nai Han Beach, Karon Beach, Nai Yang Beach, and Khao Beach. They are home to snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and sailing. Notice the red flag before joining any activities. 


Seoul is the capital of South Korea, which gives a hot spot to those wanting to know K-pop culture, view skyscrapers, subways, and savor delectable food. Seoul has become a paradise for shopping fans who catch up with the fashion trend. It combines the cutting-edge with the traditional culture into its distinctive appeal. 

Siem Reap

Siem Reap used to be a sleepy resort region in Cambodia. Since the film Tomb Rader was shot here, it turned into a hot travel destination. Angkor Wat is a well-noted temple where you can spend the whole day walking on every corner of the holy place. With a few days in the city, you will find a glorious past and a vibrant present.

Sri Lanka

You will make your trip to an island country to explore endless beaches, spiced curries, playful wildlife, and orange sunsets. Or you can have other choices: taking part in a safari, boarding a train to lush tea plantations, spending time lying on extended beaches, practicing or practicing surfing.

While an African journey requires lots of time and cash, Sri Lanka is an excellent budget-friendly choice for your safari quest. Throughout your trip, you will learn about wildlife, such as monkeys or elephants. It’s the most memorable and pleasant.  


Japan ranks as one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. Japan retains a strong sense of history, tradition, and culture and the power of innovative technology and fantastic fashion. Tokyo, in particular, represents a bustling and fascinating city that gives a wide range of tourist activities.

 Why do you have to travel to Asia? Because it is an extraordinary continent that gives you unforgettable memories. Memories may include food experiences, or scenery views, or cultural understandings, or people’s relationship. In other words, It’s a window of opportunity for the most moving, thrilling, and original experience of your travel.  

Asia is like nowhere else on the globe. Thus, your trip is an adventure or a quest for cuisine and history. You’ll find the world’s ancient cultures, breathtaking landscapes, gripping architecture, delectable foods, and friendly people.

Asian food emerges from the diversity of gastronomy. It’s not about savoring the specialties in fantastic restaurants, but it’s dining at the local’s home, or it’s viewing how they prepare for a meal. Furthermore, Asian history walks you through exciting surprises to new findings in your Asian bucket list to travel.

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