Keep Everything in One Place with Brazil Travel Guide

To know what is below the equator, visit Brazil. This is a true sign when deciding to have a trip. Find the Brazil travel guide and the reason is there.

Brazil is a colossus of tourist attractions in South America. A few beaches, Amazon jungle area, many energetic cities – selecting all of the destinations in Brazil is pretty hard. Nonetheless, it is easier if you have a compass to conquer. Believe me or not, the Brazil travel guide possibly rescues you a lot.


At a glance of Brazil 

When it comes to South American travel, Brazil is the most prominent. Located in a tropical region, Brazil has diverse biodiversity, top-notch architecture, and high-end buildings, etc. Generally, Brazil is the largest nation on the continent as well as impressive things to do.  

As a big country, Brazil provides 5 regions, 26 states, and 4 time zones. The ecosystem varies from wildlife, jungles, rainforests, to beaches. Climate and culture are widely numerous spreading across 5 regions.  


Due to the geography, Brazil inherits many climatic kinds. The Amazon region, for instance, has both tropical and rainforest weather. In other words, some days have rains with high temperatures and pleasant climates. 


Summertime is often hot and the average temperature reaches 30 degrees of Celsius. Winter is obviously cold with low temperatures. Sometimes, it reduces below 0. 


Portuguese is the most popular language in Brazil. Brazilians can use English, but it is not their official language. Portuguese pronunciation of Brazilians is quite different from other people in Latin America. 

Festivals and events

Not only discover natural topographies and relish the local atmosphere, but also it allows you to attend wonderful events in Brazil. This is because Brazil is home to celebrating festivals all year round.

  • Carnival: it happens for two months, between February and March. This is a series of festivals and celebrations in every city. These take place from Fridays to Tuesdays.



  • Bienal: another common festival in Brazil is Bienal. This is an art event that occurs every two years in Sao Paulo. A lot of museums and institutes often host their events in March or April. 
  • Virada Cultural: this is a free concert taking place in Sao Paulo. We can join in 24 hours on weekends. Every year, Sao Paulo usually has Virada Cultural.
  • June Party (Sao Joao): this is a huge local party with over 100 thousand people in Campina Grande and Paraiba State. It also comes in other places in the country. Dances, fireworks, food, and beverages are free. What a true local Brazilian party!

Best time to go to Brazil

As a famous country on the tourist map on Earth, there are countless things to discover. However, it would be greater if you have the footprint at the right time. Spring and summer are always the peak time to visit. The weather is fine, people have much time to relax, and several events are available during these two periods.

Average temperatures might increase up to 40 degrees of Celsius. Therefore, you should bring sunscreen and put on a lot of protective outfits. Do not let the weather deter you on the trip!

Winter occurs between May and September. No matter the place you will step, temperatures might drop below 15 degrees Celsius. The winter season is the accurate time to hike and take snapshots. The good news is that there is plenty of sunshine in cities. Rio de Janeiro is the most tremendous spot to do that.

Amazing things must try 

When traveling to Brazil, you never feel bored. This is because there is no shortage of activities to participate in. In addition to strolling around the streets or attending adventures, Brazil has a lot!

Caipirinha drink

Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazilians. A type of cocktail, it is absolutely fresh and delicious. Cachaca, lime, sugar, and rocks are the main ingredients in the drink. Most of the locals sunbathe on the beach and enjoy Caipirinha. This is also a “hot” drink in any bar.

Samba dance

Samba dance is a famous activity for fun in Brazil. Find a course in a samba school or simply practice in a local bar. That’s it!


Feijoada is the national dish of Brazilians. This is a traditional stew. It is served with black beans, pork, rice, and collard green beans. Local residents fill it all after stewing. Outside the family dinners, visitors probably taste it in a bar. 



Great destinations to spend time 

There is no doubt that Brazil is a tropical paradise. With countless landscapes and ecosystems, diverse climate, and vibrant life; Brazil is a worthy destination to kick off the journey.

Travel or live in Brazil, you are always amazed at the way Mother Nature and people do. Outdoor activities; for example, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, surfing – you have to spend a few weeks trying them all.  

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the first proof that Mother Nature gives us. Mountains provide a huge view of the immaculate beaches that highlight the whole peninsula below. Copacabana and Ipanema are the trendiest symbols of Brazil. 

The city contains lots of colorful areas and vibrant nightlife. Lapa is the stunning hub of Rio, for instance. Samba dancing and art life always go around all of the streets. A day trip to Rio also ought to include paradisiacal Ilha Grande and Paraty. They are colonial towns and thriving beaches. A slower pace of life obviously hands over the city.


Salvador was a colonized place for most of 30 years. It was the first capital in 1549. These days, Salvador is the capital of Bahia state and the third-largest city in Brazil.

Moreover, this is a widespread destination during Carnival time. To learn everything about culture and history in a former capital, you ought to take at least one week.

São Paulo 

Sao Paulo has a lot of skyscraping heights with an endless jungle feel inside. Furthermore, this is the heart of the financial and business hub of Brazil. The size of the city is also big (the fourth-largest city).

Additionally, this is a dynamic city where it never sleeps. Foodie hub, art scene, shopping centers, and party events - visitors and locals always have something to indulge in. A local tour also enables you to dive into the atmosphere and find out some hidden spots.

Final Words

The beauty and diversity of Brazil make the tourist map of Latin America colorful and awesome. In other words, this is a smart choice for those who look for a place with everything. Of course, you need to do quick research about this country in advance. And the Brazil travel guide will help you do that.

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