The Best Traveling Locations To Visit This November 2021

Nothing beats starting travel plans with loved ones and family in November, the start of winter and cold winds. There are some places you absolutely must visit this November because of the beauty and majesty of nature. Let's go through them anyway.


  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

There will be no hot summer sun in Thailand in November; it will be extremely cool and pleasant. Chiang Mai, as the largest and most important cultural center in northern Thailand, provides visitors with numerous opportunities to see and do unusual things. Chiang Mai is known for its magnificent temples, bustling markets and bazaars, and breathtaking natural beauty. It is simple to get around the city by walking, biking, or taking public transportation. Explore on your own or with the assistance of an expert tour guide, especially if you're worried about getting lost in translation. Chiang Mai has some of Thailand's greatest cultural treasures, as well as a more relaxed atmosphere than Bangkok. 


Furthermore, the end of the year provides an opportunity for two major events in this "tourist paradise" country. The first is the Chiang Mai sky lantern festival, also known as the Yi Peng Chiang Mai Lantern Festival. Visitors to Thailand these days will marvel at the mysterious, romantic scene reminiscent of a movie when thousands of lanterns fly up, illuminating the night sky. Visitors can also take part in the Loy Krathong or Thai Lantern Festivals, which are both taking place at the same time.

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  1. New York, USA

November is the best times to visit New York City. You can participate the New York City Marathon, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, specially a hug Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and numerous holiday window displays throughout the city.

Book your flights and accommodations ahead of time for the best prices. Midtown and Times Square are the most popular choices, but there are plenty of other options, particularly in Brooklyn, which has convenient transportation to Manhattan attractions.

Central Park in New York is a large park in the heart of Manhattan, which was built artificially with bits of untouched nature thrown in here and there, receives up to 42 million visitors per year. It's no surprise that Central Park is referred to as the "beating heart of Manhattan." Central Park's scenic drive-ways are car-free, and the park offers a wide range of attractions and activities. There's definitely something interesting waiting for you here at all times of the year.

Philadelphia - This Northeastern metropolis is only a short train ride from New York City. Its cobblestone streets and charming old townhomes provide the ideal setting for a fall getaway with a heavy dose of historic Americana. (Don't worry, there's plenty to do besides visit the liberty bell and the Constitution Center). After visiting the must-see Philadelphia Museum of Art, take a short walk to the recently relocated Barnes Foundation. LGBTQ+ visitors should visit the gayborhood, and art lovers should visit the galleries located throughout Fishtown.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

One of the best times to visit Egypt is in November. It's the start of winter, and the temperatures have dropped dramatically, providing relief from the sweltering heat of the summer months. The crowds increase this time of year, but not to the extent that they do in December and January. This is an excellent month for exploring the many treasures of the world's oldest civilization.

The month of November, like October, begins with a gradual descent into cooler weather. Temperatures in Cairo begin around 82°F (with nighttime lows of 60°F) and fall to around 71°F (with nighttime lows of 51°F) by the end of the month.

In November, crowds in Egypt are moderate. While there are certainly more tourists than in the summer months of July and August, it is nowhere near as crowded as it is in December and January. The major attractions (such as the Pyramids of Giza) continue to draw large crowds, but the smaller tourist destinations are less crowded. Overall, now is a fantastic time to visit. Costs start to rise, and it's rare to find hotels that haven't switched to high season pricing. However, prices are still lower than they are during the two months following the holidays, when everything is at its peak.

The starting point for your tour should definitely be Cairo, a vibrant place with many great places to explore. The pyramids are the most worthwhile experience, besides the historical treasures and the richness of the cuisine here.

The Pyramids of Giza are an absolute must-see in Cairo—they're half the reason people travel to Egypt, after all. The ancient structures' magnificence, both in terms of size and engineering, is truly breathtaking. Among the wonders you'll see are the Great Sphinx, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. While in Cairo, make time to visit the Egyptian Museum (which houses over 120,000 ancient artifacts) and some of the city's religious architecture, such as the Al-Azhar Mosque and the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

The Cairo Opera House hosts a 10-day festival showcasing classical Arabic music in early November. The event attracts poets, artists, and other types of performers in addition to stellar international musicians.

Cairo International Film Festival: This acclaimed film festival takes place later in the month, sometimes into December, and attracts a diverse selection of Arab and international films. 

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

November heralds the transition from autumn to winter in and around Hanoi, and throughout the north of Vietnam in general. 

Along with its "thousand-years-of-civilization" history, Hanoi always attracts visitors with a distinct color, cultural richness, and a distinct lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else. Aside from Spring and October, November is the busiest month and the best time to visit Hanoi. The constant rains that fall during the summer months of May to September make this one of the best times to visit Hanoi. The average temperature is around 25°C, making it easy to visit the city's many beautiful tourist attractions.

Hanoi is beautiful because of the ancient architecture associated with the nation's long history, which also draws many people to learn about and explore this city. One of Hanoi's most famous architectural complexes consists of 36 streets and a dense network of temples and churches.

Stroll through the narrow alleys of Hanoi's Old Quarter and take in the architecture of the nineteenth century; you will undoubtedly leave Hanoi with unforgettable memories. In addition, the poetic Hoan Kiem Lake, located in the heart of the city, with the ancient Turtle Tower in the middle of the lake, can be found. Exploring Hanoi's Old Quarter on your own is simple, and any kind of walking tour will suffice.

Tay Tu Flower Garden and Nhat Tan Flower Garden are also worth a visit. Two of them are Hanoi's most well-known flower gardens. November is the month of many lovely flowers, particularly white baby daisies (Cuc Hoa Mi Trang). These gardens are ideal locations for you to take your lovely photo album featuring this month's special flowers.

The weather in Hanoi in November is also ideal for sampling the local cuisine. Tourists can choose from a wide variety of delectable dishes in this city. Pho, hotpot, ice cream, and sticky rice are the most popular foods in Hanoi, attracting a large number of visitors. Trang Tien, Thuy Ta, West Lake, Tran Quoc Toan, and Lo Duc are well-known Hanoi ice cream destinations.

If you are planning a trip to Hanoi in November, you should book your accommodations ahead of time because the number of tourists visiting the city is increasing. If you forget something, you can buy it at any store in Hanoi or at any market stall in the Hanoi Old Quarter. Expect low quality and always bargain for lower prices.

In November, it is the dry season, so drink plenty of water, especially if you are walking around Hanoi's Old Quarter. However, don't underestimate the sun in a tropical country like Vietnam; use sun cream to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation during the day. Furthermore, a good pair of shoes will be more appropriate for you.

  1. Iceland

November is a magical month. Winter has arrived, so the various ice and snow-related activities are in full swing, but the Christmas season is still a long way off. Because the lowlands are frequently snow-free, it's also an excellent time to travel around Iceland without worrying about the weather.

During the winter months, the most popular activity in Iceland is visiting one of the country's many ice caves. Ice caving combines a variety of elements, including adventure and education. The pale-blue ice glittering around you as you step inside one of these bejeweled caverns is dreamlike. This is not the place to leave your camera!

Booking an ice cave tour is an extremely interesting activity that should be highly recommended. Prepare your equipment and set out to explore the ice caves that form inside Iceland's glaciers every winter. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that visitors will never forget.

November is one of the best months to see the elusive Northern Lights in Iceland, owing to the steady decrease in the number of daylight hours.

But, thankfully, as the days get shorter, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, which fluoresce in greens, purples, whites, and yellows, increase.

The solar phenomena that cause the Northern Lights are always present above us, but the summer sun drowns them out. So, in the winter, keep your eyes open and your gaze upward to catch a glimpse of this pure light.

Those who have witnessed this amazing spectacle in the past will tell you that there are two prerequisites for seeing the aurora in Iceland: a high level of solar activity and a low level of cloud cover. It is also beneficial to travel outside of the city to avoid light pollution for the best possible display.

Still, the Aurora can often be spotted within Reykjavik, and there are quiet corners in the city, like Klambratún Park or Grótta Lighthouse, where the lights will likely appear stronger.

Thus, through the preceding article, we have assisted you in answering the question of the most appealing tourist destinations in November in order to assist you in making the best choice. I wish you a safe, enjoyable, and fun trip. Let’s prepare your bag and go now.

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