Moorea Island The Ultimate Travel Guide

Moorea is an island in French Polynesia arranged in the South Pacific Ocean, making it the best island for a move away. The going with Moorea Island travel experiences will be thoughts for individuals who need to examine this paradise!

Alongside sitting at the seaside the whole day, there's a particularly enormous sum to do in Moorea Island! You can float on the water and swim, paddleboard, or kayak. If you stay at the Hilton Resort, they similarly have a standard Tahitian dance and fire show! You can get away from the retreat and book some exceptional outings...

The experience of making an outing to the island of Moorea French Polynesia

Take a walk around the island

One of the most mind-boggling Moorea Island travel experiences that you should endeavor is bypassing the island. It will take you around 4-5 hours to get around Moorea Island, depending upon the length of your stop. Interminably, it will simply need around 2 hours to travel 72km around the island. The following are a couple of complaints if you take a visit around the island:


Starting in Cook Bay, this is a space of ​​Moorea you would prefer not to miss; palm-lined shores and rough zeniths, passionate like something out looking straightforwardly out of Moana! Visit Saint Joseph's Catholic Church on the island.

Opunohu Bay: The second of Moore's twin strait is no less stunning than the first. In all honesty, Opunohu Bay is even less made and has more unsullied shore than Cook Bay. Similarly, it's truly here that notable explorer Captain James Cook secured it in 1777.

Belvedere Lookout: Wind through wild and past old Polynesian asylums to this post point, where you'll see the value in stunning viewpoints on Mount Rotui, Opunohu Bay, and Cook Bay.

Old Marae: Along the road inciting Belvedere are two maraes (out of date asylums) known as Marae Titiroa and Marae Ahu-o-Machine.

Pineapple Route: Keep retreating on a comparative road from Belvedere, you'll go to a combination where you can go right onto Pineapple Route. This lopsided dirt road is the fragrant fields of prepared pineapple. At the point when you pass through Haapiti and keep on going south, there aren't many attractions. Moorea is an amazingly quiet island - especially south among Hauru and Vai'are. You'll pass by different little supermarkets, motels, sanctuaries, estates, and chomps (nice burger joints), yet generally a couple of protests and that is all fundamental for the allure!

After you've seen all of Moorea, utilize whatever survives from the day loosening up at the housing's pool or participating in the view at one of the island's numerous beaches. Around sunset time, go out to dinner and participate in a blended beverage.

Marketo. Seaside

In any case, Ta'ahiamanu Beach is one of the greatest, notable public coastlines in Moorea. With passionate points of view on Opunohu Bay and many affecting palm trees, Marketo seaside is a true typical setting. So make sure to recall this spot for your Moorea island travel experiences.


Veritable loosening up and loosening up

This island is for outing travel so Moorea did it splendidly!

If you're staying at one of the island's overwater resorts, you're all set - curve upon a poolside lounge, demand a blended beverage, and go during your time in paradise with a Bikini outfit.

Regardless, if you are not leftover at a retreat set in a motel, don't pressure unnecessarily. Did you understand you can book day passes at countless Moore's lavish resorts? You can pick the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa, for $90 per individual for a day experience!

One-day ticket at Hilton Moorea consolidates Pool and seaside, Dessert lunch with a pop or mix (per individual), Beach towels, Use of swimming equipment, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. dwelling.

This Moorea island visit is exorbitant, yet considering you can get $50 worth of food and refreshments at lunch, it's everything except an awful worth using any means.

While you're staying at the motel, stop by Toatea Creperie on the water for your choice of delightful or sweet crepes. You might get lucky when you see a couple of kinds of stingrays and reef sharks.

There are not exceptionally various voyager practices on Moorea Island since this spot is essentially for loosening up! To participate in your journey gently, not extremely raced to feel the grandness of this wonderful sea!

Waters Teeming With Life

While overwhelmed by the incredibly famous lagoon of its more well-known family, Bora, the waters of Moorea are spilling over with life.

A piece of its popular and fundamental activities incorporate getting exceptionally close with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins.

Besides, the island's twin straits are a geographical marker, yet furthermore, accumulate spots for venture ships and magnificent boaters to collect to participate in Moorea's various typical characteristics...

Size and people

At 80 square miles, Moorea is significant for the Society Islands that consistently visit Tahiti and is home to around 16,000 people.

It is tracked down just 10 nautical miles from the key island of Tahiti.

Air terminal

The little air terminal in Moorea is arranged on the upper east coast and is served through Air Tahiti and Air Moorea takeoffs from Tahiti's Faa'a International Airport. Flights require 10 minutes and pull out every half hour. It can in like manner fly from Moorea on Air Tahiti to Bora, Huahine, and Raiatea.


Transportation to and around Moorea is straightforward.

A more sensible decision for flying, the quick boat makes the excursion from Papeete's waterfront wharf to the voyager moor on Moorea at Vaiare on numerous occasions step by step and takes around 30 minutes.

On appearance, most withdrawals offer trades from the air terminal or the voyager wharf at Vaiare (arrange this early with your motel or visit association). Taxis are available and a public vehicle organization, called Le Truck, works between the boat terminal and the island's essential towns along the road around the island.

Vehicle rental is openly accessible, like the helicopter for the visit. A grouping of visit associations works 4X4 excursions into the rough inside. Visitors can similarly take a water visit through speedboat or outdoors rowing boat visits (which can be set up by the lodging, visit association, or excursion transport).

Metropolitan regions

Moorea has no metropolitan local area, yet rather the island is involved by a movement of little towns, such as Paopao and Haapiti.

You can without a very remarkable stretch visit them on an island visit, stopping to test an enormous number of the "made in Moorea" things, similar to pineapple and sorts of rum and liquor, mango and regular item jam, and another farm fresh developing prizes.

Moorea is anything but a particularly gigantic island, but its heart shape is wonderful and its geography is one of the most fundamental in Tahiti.

Its inside is an intertwined of verdant valleys fixed with arable fields and pineapple fields, all included by eight incorporating mountains.

Its renowned points of view at the Belvedere Overlook are a certain necessity. Stay here to see the value in clearing points of view on the two exceptional straits nearby Moorea, Cook Bay, and Opunohu Bay, which rule the island's north coast.

Reachable through 4X4 drive or climbing, Moorea in like manner has different inside falls out someplace down in its green and lovely valleys.

Stores are all viewed as open on non-finish weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with a long early afternoon break driven in late morning and until around early evening on Saturdays. The rule stores open on Sundays are organized in inns and resorts. No business charge.

Especially is swimming and buying dull pearls in Moorea

In case you have a too short period in Moorea and need to swim, you can go to the Sofitel hotel and turn onto an enormous dirt road to find the seaside. There's furthermore an enormous pearl and jewel seller here, in all honesty, Moorea is notable for dull pearls!

The seaside here has fine white sand, great and relatively few people, so you are permitted to wash, regard the view and take pictures. Outside there are lavatories and public showers for you to change.

What to eat in Moorea

If you don't zero in a ton on food, totally get some regular thing on the way to eat for comfort. I found in transit there are around 4 standard thing shops.

Additionally, in Moorea, there is an outstandingly renowned bistro called Mahana, the entire island floods here to eat, so attempt to book a table early. Put forth an attempt not to take after me, when you appear, there's no spot left. Consequently, I moved to eat at Taoahere ocean side house.

The beautiful scene with delicious food makes us forget our entire life. The heart is the shape of this island that is suitable for many couples to travel together. Try to arrive at that place once in your life, which won’t disappoint you.


You can't go with whoever you want to like your family or your lover it gonna be expected. But for you going with your girlfriend or your boyfriend is better, because the legendary of this island is never wrong, A lot of couples have verified.

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