Handy Argentina Travel Guide

Lush wetlands to the huge archipelago, Argentina has a lot. You never get lost if you have a handy Argentina travel guide with you. 

Argentina is a country of majestic landscapes and captivating waterfalls. There are a lot of national parks with steamy forests and enchanting species inside. This is also a place to take part in adventure outdoors, wine tasting, top-notch activities, vibrant shopping centers, and cultural exploration.

Furthermore, it provides dynamic nightlives and foodie scenes. I have made a handy Argentina travel guide for many of you so that you can plan a trip with ease.

About Argentina 

“Give me a reason to visit Argentina” – There are tons of reasons to travel to this nation. From mighty and beautiful landscapes to bizarre culture, Argentina is another sweet cocktail in South America.


Like other countries in the region, Spanish is the most popular and official language in Argentina. Buenos Aires residents use a little bit of different Spanish words. Local slang (Lunfardo) is a barrier for visitors who are not good at Spanish. Fortunately, you could find a local guide for help in hand. 


Peso is the official currency in Argentina. Banco Central de la República Argentina is the National Bank. It can issue Argentine pesos. The Peso could be subdivided into 100 centavos.



Transportation in Argentina has complex routes with long-distance buses and cargo trucks. There are numerous systems of national and international airports. Long-distance trains are also a good choice for tourists. In the past, it was a common system. Today, the government renovated it as a commuter and freight network. Fluvial transport is used for cargo only. 

City life 

City life in Argentina looks like daily life in Southern Europe. All of the boutiques, shops, and businesses open in the early morning. They close at midday and open again in the afternoon till evening. Social life occurs in the streets, bars, and nightclubs. Meals are good opportunities for amiable exchanges among people.

Buenos Aires is the most famous city in Argentina. This is also the cultural capital of the continent. In Buenos Aires, you can see several theaters, music venues, art galleries, and museums. Moreover, this is the hometown of Francis, Pope, and Maxima Queen of the Netherlands. 

Apart from Buenos Aires, Cordoba is the second biggest city. Located in the heart of the country, the city has a lot of sierras and plains. Nevertheless, Cordoba is not a destination for tourists.

If you want to learn in-depth about local life, take time to come. There are cathedrals, museums, historic streets, and ancient universities awaiting you. Nightlife is hustle and bustle because of the student population.


Grill houses (parrillas) are omnipresent, inheriting any grilling foods that you can think of in your mind. Sausages, grilled veggies, and flame-charred steak could be cooked in those houses. Bubbly pizzas and homemade portions of pasta; on the other hand, are the main foods in local dishes.

To view the entire image of the cuisine in this nation, Buenos Aires is the best idea. Fast-changing and fun gourmet, everything of the cuisine remains in the city. Come to a table, catch a chair, uncork a bottle of wine – your night is peerless.

Time to travel to Argentina 

October and November are the best times to visit Argentina. From December to February, these are summertime in Argentina. So, it would also be good to come. Weather is pleasant to stroll around and indulge in natural attractions in the full magnificence.  

Awe-inspiring destinations to keep in your bucket list 

Diverse wineries, tango dancers, empanadas, and specular terrains; are some of the vast things in Argentina. They are waiting for you to discover and save beautiful moments in your lifetime. Besides, pleasant climate also makes this country a worthy destination to visit at any time of the year in the continent.  

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a famous symbol of Argentina. It is referred to as a small Paris in South America. The city is the capital as well as a cultural hub in Argentina. For tourists, this is a ubiquitous place to add to their list.

There are endless things to do in this epicenter. European architecture, stunning museums, beautiful boulevards, striking entertainment, rich historical sites, fancy shopping centers – Buenos Aires is the first must-see destination you should not miss on your journey. 

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Fall is a world heritage site and accredited by UNESCO. With 275 separate waterfalls, they span between the border of Argentina and Brazil (approximately 2 miles). 

Tropical rainforests are the most popular landscapes in this natural wonder. This is also a home for several animals and birds such as butterflies, caiman, deer, peccary, monkeys, parrots, toucans, etc. Moreover, Iguazu has a huge national park among waterfalls.

The extensive trail system on foot, on the other hand, allows you to take a small train under the falls (Devil’s Throat Station). Creating a short journey up the surroundings are also wonderful. For those who love strong adventure, book a zodiac boat and see how cool the other sides of the world are.   

San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is nestled on the Cerro Otto slopes of the Argentina Lake District.

The lake has tortoise water and a variety of slopes of mountains in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, this natural site is also a national park. Moreover, it is the first and biggest park in Argentina. The beauty of Bariloche is dignity.

In this destination, you might be amazed at outdoors such as rock climbing, water sports, fly fishing, mountain trails on foot, skiing, trekking. Oh, it takes a few days to enjoy.


When it comes to the Andes Mount, Patagonia is an enchanting name. Glaciers, lush trees, royal blue skies – these stretch from a point to another point. Thus, they make us feel boundless.

The Lake District enables you to see the perfect snowy peak in the mountain. In the East, whales enjoy their environment which is a common symbol of the marine wildlife sanctuary of Peninsula Valdés'.

Final Words

Land off Argentina and you will take a chance to dive into varied natural wonders. Buenos Aires - is an example of an active capital in South America. From the Tropic of Capricorn to Antarctica, the nation has vast terrains to explore. Bring your handy Argentina travel guide and you will not get stuck on your steps. 

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