Boracay The Ultimate Travel Guide - 2022

Escaping the hustle and bustle of a city to live in the one-of-a-kind island Boracay, the Philippines, you’ll enjoy living in harmony with the natural touch. As the Philippines’ top destination, Boracay will offer you the most well-known beach and awesome things to see and to do.

Boracay Island offers an extended stretch of powdery sand beach under a stunning sunset. Apart from swimming in clear crystal and turquoise waters, you can participate in a wide range of adventures and activities designed for all ages.

It’s easy to recognize why Boracay ranks as the Philippines’ best tourist draw. The 2018 rehab of Boracay fixed its infrastructure, improved the fragile environment. “The travel guide to Boracay” helps you explore the infinity Boracay. Its new facade brings new sidewalks, wider roads, and e-trikes.

Travel guidelines

The Boracay administration has launched guidelines before and during your trip to provide you with a safe and sound journey. If you want to go to Boracay anytime, I will compile a comprehensive guide for you to experience Boracay far beyond the confines of sun, sea, and white sand.

You have complete information about where and when to book your flight, Covid-19 test, and hotels. In other words, all are necessary to do when you arrive in Boracay.

1 - Vaccination

Upon arrival in Boracay, you must have a Saliva test result or negative RT-PCT test. Remember that the Boracay administration only accepts these tests taken no later than 72 hours or three days after your departure. That said, you should present these test results within 24 hours.

If you get fully vaccinated at least 14 days before your flight to Boracay, you don’t need a negative RT-PCR test result. The minors, aged between 12 and 17, need a vaccination certificate from

2 - Entry point

The only port of entry in Boracay by land, air, or sea is Godofredo Ramos Airport or Caticlan Airport. The local government applies a “one entrance, one exit” policy to monitor the flow of international and domestic tourists.

Upon arrival at Caticlan Jetty Port or Tabon Port Terminal, you must observe strict control such as body temperature checks, physical distancing, hand sanitation at health declaration stations.

3 - Requirements

Before coming to the Philippines to explore Boracay’s turquoise waters and painting-like stretches of sandy beach, you should pay attention to the requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases has given guidelines and conditions as follows:

Vaccination Certificate

You have got fully vaccinated; you don’t need COVID-19 RT-PCR test evidence but show a vaccination certificate from the Philippines’ government. If the vaccination is out of the Philippines, you should present a vaccination card or certificate issued abroad.

For Partially Vaccinated or Unvaccinated

Those partially vaccinated or unvaccinated must have an RT-PCR test result not earlier than three days before a trip. Also, you can use an RT-PCR test result to replace it. Children, less than 12 years, don’t need the requirement; however, you must have a certificate of undertaking for traveling with minors.

Health Declaration Form

You can do the registration to have a health declaration form. Navigate Tourist Boracay, then choose Boracay to get a health declaration form to complete. You must provide personal information, ID information, flights and accommodation booking details, itinerary, and travel history.

When you have in hand: negative RT-PCR/Saliva test results, flight booking(s), hotel reservation(s), and a filled health declaration form, send all of them plus your government-issued ID to the following e-mail address with a pattern:


Subject: OHDC-FamilyName-FirstName
The documents are as follows:
  • RT-PCR Test Results with the date of extraction
  • Confirmation of flights (with 72-hour-invalided RT-PCR Test)
  • Hotel booking
  • Government-issued ID like drivers license, passport

If the processing is proper, you’ll get a QR code and a copy of HDC soon after you arrive at the airport. Guide for tourists gives more registration information.

4 - Guidelines and protocols in Boracay

“Travel guide to Boracay” article gives you some helpful guidelines and safety protocols when you arrive on Boracay, as follows:

Tourist QR code

The Government of the Province of Aklan encourages you to email health declaration forms and other requirements 12 hours before your departure to prevent any delays or any trouble during your visit to Boracay.

If you do correctly, you’ll get your health declaration form and Boracay QR code an hour after your submission. If you don’t have a reply within 2 hours, keep an eye on your email.

You should have a copy of the QR code on your smartphone or a physical copy to present at restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.

Health standards

You have to wear a mask, observe social distancing and practice proper frequent handwashing.

Transport protocols

Tricycles carry a maximum of two pax and e-trikes four people. You’ll receive the necessary treatment from the nearest health facility if you have any flu-like symptoms. Drivers disinfect the vehicle after such a ride.

Restaurant protocols

When you eat at any restaurant, they check your temperature, request social distancing, use sanitizing products, and provide separate self-service areas.

5. Activities

To avoid any problem when you enjoy tourist spots in Boracay, notice the following protocols:


You have to register before jumping into infinity pools; designated stations on the beach get your temperature. Take note of swimming from 6 am to 6 pm.

Water sports - reduced capacity

Boracay plays host to adrenaline feeling water sports at a reduced capacity, including kitesurfing, parasailing, and many others.


Restaurants serve you to dine-in or take-away. They encourage contactless payment to avoid transmission of the pandemic as much as possible.

Best time to travel to Boracay

Knowing the temperature, weather, and climate helps you avoid nuisances such as canceling plans or reducing the hassle for watersports or island-hopping. “The travel guide to Boracay'' provides the best time to travel to Boracay and the annual festivals Boracay plays host as well.

In general, Boracay has two seasons: hot and rainy seasons. The high season falls on warm and dry months; however, scarce rainfall may happen in these months.

Ideal Season: December to May

Of course, you can visit Boracay throughout the year. However, December to May is a perfect period for tourism in the Philippines as it is a dry season. It’s a chance for international and local tourists to experience sensational beaches or hang out at bars at night.

Peak Season

March to May is a peak season which is the go-to-beach occasion for residents as summer falls. Also, the peak season includes Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and Holy Week or Lent, which falls from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Weather and Climate

Boracay’s temperature hovers between 25 °C (average low) and 30 °C (average high). The hottest season falls between March and June, and the rainy months are between August and October.

As I warned above, sudden rains may fall; you should bring an umbrella or borrow one from your accommodation.

What to wear

Going to the beach, you should have a swimsuit, shorts, eyewear, slippers, and an umbrella to prevent your skin from the heat as well as sudden falls of rain.

Going Around Boracay

In “The Travel Guide to Boracay”, you’ll find many kinds of public transportation such as motorbikes, motorized or electric tricycles, and private/shared tours. It all depends on the location of your accommodation and your budget. Below is some type of transportation for your reference.

By Walking

The cheapest way is walking—just a physical map or offline map that helps you visit tourist places in your itinerary.

By Tricycle

During off-peak hours, there might be private tricycles available in this spot. They are expensive rides. You have to ask how much they cost before taking a tricycle to avoid the hassle after that.

By Mountain Bike/Motorbike

If you want to have the freedom to view some tourist attractions, you should rent a motorbike. It’s economical as you don't have to pay for a driver.

By Shared/Private Tours

Shared or private groups provide a coach party. Several tourist agencies provide hotel pick-up as well as drop-off.

Quick navigation

Although Boracay is a tiny, exhilarating island, its offer is unlimited to everything. Its large combination makes it a one-of-the-kind destination.

Breath-taking White Beach

Boracay’s main beach is White Beach, a 4-km-long lineup of bars, restaurants, resorts, and nightlife venues. The reasons why you visit are shallow, calm waters (ideal for swimming), powdery white sand, fabulous view of the beach


The locals in Boracay show openness and friendliness. It’s the first thing you’ll feel upon arrival on this island. English is Filipinos’ second language. Thanks to it, you can make friends with them easily or contact them during your visit.

Vibrant nightlife

There are lots of nightlife venues where you can have a night out with your buddies or, if you’re alone, make friends with new people. You can explore live music in clubs or want to perform in front of an audience, and open-mic nights will serve you.

Mouthwatering fresh seafood

In Boracay, there is a wide range of restaurants, mainly located around the island, where you find waters home to shellfish, fish, and other delicacies. Especially, restaurants provide gourmet recipes with additives of spices and exotic herbs.

You’ll find 23 different types of fresh seafood at the seafood market D’Talipapa. Pick up seafood there, then give it to a nearby restaurant. The chefs will process a customized dish as you wish. These restaurants specialize in cooking seafood. Hence, you have a plentiful choice of food preparation.

Soul-soothing underwater world

Boracay keeps more active visitors entertained by 15 dive spots just a short boat trip away. Most of them are suitable for fresh practitioners. Select Yapak, a challenging dive spot to test your skill if you’re a little better diver.

If you’re interested in snorkeling, Tambisaan Beach is a good destination.


If you want something more adventurous, “the travel guide to Boracay'' would suggest wind or kitesurfing. Bulabog Beach gives appropriate conditions for surfing beginners and freestylers as well. The water is flat and shallow, an ideal situation to progress in practice. Ideally, the average speed of wind in the windy season is between 12 and 15.


If you want to buy souvenirs for your buddies or family members, Boracay is ready to serve you with shopping area D’Mall. Apart from a dining center on the island, D’Mall represents a permanent market rather than a shopping mall. Its construction provides an open-air design with many kiosks, stalls, and shops in different shapes and sizes.

You’ll find clothes, souvenirs, beach accessories, and suntan lotions. Notice that prices there are a little higher than other markets. The point is that you should negotiate the costs before deciding to purchase any items.

Accommodations for every budget

Occasionally, Boracay has incurred a lousy reputation for expensive accommodations, making some tourists never travel there. You’ll find different kinds of hotels that are suitable for your travel budget.

As a budget traveler, you have a budget bed at the cost of $4.5 per night. Or, if you want a luxurious private villa, you’ll pay $1031. And there is a lot in between for your choice.

Annually, Boracay welcomes approximately 1,000,000 tourists from every walk of life. The dry season is ideal for watersports and swimming as the waters stay calm. The rainy season from May to October is less busy and more affordable. Tour agencies and hotels give seasonal prices.

The exotic island Boracay will offer you everything you wish to see in person on a trip. You’ll experience a pleasant swim in turquoise waters to animated water sports to lots of others. Boracay is proud of being the most visited spot in the Philippines and the world.

I recommend you follow the weather forecast to avoid a typhoon as it sometimes happens. Then, you’ll enjoy yourself when Bocaray plays host to swimming, diving, and exhilarating watersports. More than these, you’ll find vibrant nightlife at bars apart from crystal white sand and blue waters.

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