Easy to Take a Great Excursion with the Chile Travel Guide in Hand

Chile is one of the most developed countries in South America. Bringing the Chile travel guide with you might help yours perfectly. How could it do that?

Chile is a nation of natural land. It is correct but Mother Nature gives Chile more. Besides geography, the country has a lot of things to draw attention to. Authentic architecture, diverse culture, good-natured climate; Chile is a destination hard to ignore. Are you ready for the vacation? Do not miss to keep the Chile travel guide.


About Chile

A long-and-thin country, Chile spreads along with the Andes Mount of the West coast on the continent. You could be amazed at geography in this nation because it contains numerous varieties – deserts, volcanoes, lakes, and forests. Yup, the country is not big, but Nature Mother still provides a lot.

Generally, Chile is a stable country in Latin America (from climate to society issues). Do not miss Easter Island and a section of Antarctica. These two parts have also remained in Chile.

In addition to natural lands, the nation gives other things such as vigorous culture and rich history. Determined to take a tour to Chile is always a quintessential decision when it comes to South America.


Residents use Spanish only. English is not extensively spoken in Chile, except the tourist areas. In other words, people who work in the hospitality industry can communicate in English. Some locals could use a little bit and they attempted to use English with foreign visitors. So, it would be great if you learn Spanish at the basic level before traveling.


As some countries in South America, Chileans use Peso as their national currency. One Peso can exchange 100 centavos. Could we change foreign cash? And where can we do that? A bank or a currency exchange office is available in Chile. Additionally, local shops also provide this service with their currency facilities.

However, the rates are not advantageous at all. Please bear in mind that the airport is not a good place to do an exchange. This is because rates are not high. If you need to change US dollars or Euros, remote destinations will be accepted.

Credit cards are commonly consented to in South America. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club – these are widespread in Chile. Hotels, main shops, and restaurants also have POS for credit card use. ATMs, on the other hand, are common in any city and town. They usually open 24 hours.


Local cuisine in Chile is varied from the North to the South. Here are a few typical names that you should taste during your jaunt.

  • Pastel de choclo: this is a corn casserole cooked with ground beef, raisins, and onions. It would be fine to add chicken. Other additional ingredients are olives, sugar, hard-boiled eggs, and sweet paste.
  • Cazuela de Pavo: a type of beef soup. Corn, squash, turkey, and potatoes are the main ingredients. Some local people change to chicken instead of turkey.
  • Porotos Granados: a vegetable stew dish that has fresh beans, corn, basil, onions, and squash.




  • Empanada de Queso: a type of baked pie served with cheese. Sometimes, they use ground beef, onions, raisins, eggs, and black olive.
  • Desserts, fruits, and sandwiches are also diverse varieties. Perhaps, enjoying food and beverage for Chileans is a kind of entertainment in their lives.


Chile has a ribbon shape, stretching several latitudes between North and South orientation; so the country has a lot of climate categories. Dry desserts in the Atacama (the North area), Mediterranean type in the center, rainy climate in the South – these are three main kinds of weather in Chile.

Aysen and Magallanes are symbols of the puzzling climate in the Central. Rapa Nui (is also known as Easter Islands) has a tropical climate throughout the year.

Best time to have a smooth trip in Chile

When is the best time to travel to Chile? It relies on where you are finding and planning. Between October and March, the climate is pretty warm and pleasant. Patagonia is an ideal place to visit. This period is also the summertime of the Southern Hemisphere. The average temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius.

The central valleys and Atacama deserts have hot weather. However, it is still a true destination to discover every month of the year. In the summertime (from December to February), it is the peak time for tourists. If you are going to travel in this period, it would be crucial to book the tour soon.

June, July, and August are three months of the winter season. It is perfect to ski in the mountains. Santiago is a famous name. Other places may close during this period. The average temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Experiences something through irresistible destinations

Chile is a country of diversity in the environment and people, which is isolated from the rest of the Latin American region. It has Chiloe Island, Lake District, Easter Island, National Parks, etc. The list is endless to name.

Atacama Desert

Valle de la Luna is the full name of Atacama Desert. Locals call it “Valley of the Moon”. Located at the North end of Chile (near Bolivia), San Pedro Atacama inherits plenty of topographies. Adventure lovers usually reach this place when stepping on their feet in Chile. They can try bike trails and hiking, for instance. Booking a tour bus is not a bad decision.

The center of the Desert is the key thing to take snapshots of. It looks like the surface of the moon with sand and stones. Now, you know why locals name it the “valley of the moon”. Is that right?

Wind and water make the picture very peculiar. Landscapes and human beings existed for several decades with many species of fauna and flora. What a special phenomenon!


Santiago is the capital and business hub of Chile. In other words, the city plays an important role in the Chilean economy. Apart from businesses and financial pictures, this city is also a cultural and entertainment center.

To learn everything about the local lives of Chile, spend a few weeks exploring. At the same time, this is also home to boundless fun things such as museums, galleries, shopping centers, and dining streets. Hotels are also endless, too!

From Santiago, visitors start the trip to the Andes and Easter Island, for example. This is a must-see destination on the Chile tourist map.

Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works

Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter were accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, these works are ghost towns and create a vibrant community. Located in the surrounding Northern port of Iquique city, these works are the home of ancestors in Latin America. Chilean, Bolivian, and Peruvian workers built a discrete culture and social life.


Valparaíso is the third-largest city in Chile. Situated from the sea to the coastal mountain, it spreads approximately 112 kilometers in Northwest Santiago.

This is a city with rich history and culture; it provides several things to relish. Old cobbled streets, harbor, beaches, and unique works of architecture; your expedition will become an outstanding day trip.

Maritime heritage is another excellent spot to explore. Lord Cochrane’s Museum (Museo Lord Cochrane) is the first attraction for tourists, an ancient colonial home, in 1842.

Final Words

Landing off Chile is one of the most tremendous experiences that you have had on the continent. It could blow you away. Locals are friendly, the cuisine is awesome, and the scenery makes you feel awe for nature. I have made the Chile travel guide so that you can plan an excellent trip.

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