What is the Virada June Party? Welcome to the Rustic Theme in Large Cities

What is the Virada June Party? This is another big celebration of Brazilians in São João. As the Brazilian culture party, we can discover the local culture with ease.

Apart from Carnival, Virada June Party is another prominent event in São João, Brazil. When Carnival ends, we have this show with new costumes, dances, cuisines, and activities in June. This is the harvest season of Brazilians.

After gathering their crops, they celebrate the festival to relax and hope for another prosperous harvest. To know more about what is the Virada June Party, continue to stay tuned.

What is the Virada June Party?

What is the Virada June Party? This is another well-known festival in Brazil. It has a lot of names which are Festas Juninas, Johannine Festival, and Festas de São João. Moreover, it is the festival celebrating the St. John Baptist nativity (24th June).

Although it is the annual celebration of Brazilians, it comes from Southern Europe – the European Midsummer. Virada June Party has a lot of small festivals inside, which often take place in June (around the world). It is predominantly performed on the eves of Catholic solemnities.

The Party is a chance to remember Saint John gives the rain to human beings when locals have to face a dry season in a couple of months. Along with three Catholic solemnities (Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter), Brazilians make other activities such as food, dancing, and clothing. Quadrilha is a particular symbol dance in these features.

The festival is mainly hosted by rural farmers (caipiras or matutos). Men usually wear farmer outfits and women dress up in red-checkered dresses, adding pigtails and freckles. Everyone feels happy, comfortable, and fun.
Nowadays, the celebrations have spread to Europe. Some countries have the festival at schools. They also make small games for children such as Pescaria, Corrida do saci, Corrida de três pés, Jogo de argolas, and Tiro ao Alvo.

Visitors get to understand so much about Brazil just by looking at and attending an event. Virada June Party is common.

What do they eat at the Sao Joao Festival?

In general, Virada June Party is a conventional event occurring during the wintertime in Brazil. In other words, it is a huge occasion for the local culture. It is celebrated in June – the harvest season. People do lots of things at the festival, from decorations to games. Food and clothes are included.

Aipim e Batata Doce com Melado: steamed sweet potatoes and cassava with Molasses (a kind of sweet sauce). This is a favorite snack for those who love sweet dishes and a portion of traditional food for Brazilians in the Festas Juninas season. People steam the roots of those potatoes with salt and molasses.

Bolo de Fubá: another sweet snack. This is sweet corn cake eaten at the festival of Rio.
Cachorro-quente: classic hot dog of residents. Sausages here are different from Americans and Europeans. This is because they have different ingredients and toppings. All types could be sweet corn, peas, raisins, shoestring potato sticks, shredded cheese, and hard-boiled eggs.



Caldo Verde: this is a Portuguese green warm soup. It is called the famous linguiça calabresa. The soup is made of collard greens, smoked pork sausages, and potatoes.

Canjica or Munguzá: a kind of porridge. People use white maize kernels (hominy), coconut milk, sugar, cloves, and brown sugar.

Cocada: a type of candy that is made of coconut and sugar. To have a cream candy, locals sometimes add sweet condensed milk.

Curau: this is also Canjica, the sweet corn pudding.



Cuscuz de Tapioca: it is widely found on any beach of Rio de Janeiro. Most street vendors are selling this treat. Cuscuz is a smooth cake with local ingredients such as grated coconut, sweet condensed and full cream milk, and tapioca.

Doce de Abóbora: this is a dessert. Pumpkin and coconut are mixed in a bowl. Then, they add sugar and cook till it has a special flavor.

Maçã do Amor: this is apple candy with apple and sugar coating.

Miho Cozido: it is the steamed corn on the cob. People put a small amount of salt and butter.

Paçoca: a common sweet for Brazilians. Made with peanuts, sugar, and salt; we may want to try all year round.


Pamonha: We have another sweet corn. Add corn and milk to a corn husk to cook the sweet corn. Some people also add salt and sugar to the dessert.

Quentão: this is an alcoholic beverage for locals to warm. They use other ingredients to mix – sugar, cinnamon sticks, ginger, orange peels, and cloves. Then, they boil at the right temperature. Locals enjoy this drink at the festival a lot as Festa Junina is a winter event.

Salsichão: a type of sausage of Brazilians. The stick is long, thick, and spicy. People relish it with farofa.

Vinho Quente: this is red wine mixed with some special spices. They could be cinnamon and ginger. We can enjoy chopped apples so that we feel warmer.

What do people dress for during the event?

Plaid shirts with denim shorts or shirts with printed sunflowers are two popular ways of dressing in a special circumstance. Festas de São João allows you to add anything and enjoy the event.

Plaid print clothes: we can dress in any garment and plaid print outfits at Virada June Party or other festivals in Brazil. This category is suitable for the rustic theme.

Short-plaid dress: this outfit is quite casual so that we could put it on at the festival. Some are creamy in terms of cut and some are wavy. Using a tie around your waist is also a good idea. Furthermore, we might combine the dress with boots, flats, or high heels.

Long-plaid dress: sometimes, it is hard to select a long plaid dress for an event, especially the June Party. This is because we are so excited about participating in the festival. We have no idea about putting on a nice dress. However, it is simple to choose a dress with monochrome-free textures. After that, add a straw hat or sunflower ornaments.

Pants with patches: have you ever tried patchwork pants with a T-shirt at a festival? It is simple but it is still nice if you know the rule of color mixed. Single colors are the best option. Keeping a pattern of tones is a safe idea because your pants are nicer.

Final Words

What is the Virada June Party? These days, June Party is a popular festival throughout the largest cities. The beauty of this festival is that rural life appears in an urban setting. It creates the state-of-art stereotype, which is caipiras. It makes visitors and urban residents deeply understand the countryside life and people living there. In major big cities, people often enjoy similar massive gathering events.

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