Best Time to Go to Brazil: At any time of the Year!

Brazil is a large country with various climates and landscapes. When is the best time to go to Brazil? It depends on your decision. All months are suitable.

When it comes to the Brazil tour, some people think that Brazil inherits lots of things to do and have fun. This massive country has numerous activities, so travelers can visit there at any time? Is that right? You should consider the best time to go to Brazil, depending on your target points and journey plan.

Best time to go to Brazil – thinking of the activities

When planning a trip to Brazil, landscapes and activities are the most popular reasons. The best time to go to Brazil also depends on these things.



Fun and parties

In Brazil, you never feel bored when coming there. Unforgettable parties, exciting and diverse festivals, and the entertainment atmosphere in the cities make the trip awesome. From December to March, you might dive into huge celebrations and fun things are Olinda, Salvador, Recife, etc.




Windsurfing and kiteboarding are two well-known sports for travelers in Brazil. São Miguel do Gostoso, Fortaleza, Taiba, Cumbuco, Lagoa, and Natal are the best places to head. Between February and May is the best time to go to Brazil to enjoy sports.



Mayor June is a suitable time for an Amazon tour. During these two months, you can book a boat trip to the rivers and surrounding rainforest. Or hiking around the Amazon jungle is also amazing.

Between July and November, whale watching is another exciting reason to visit Brazil. Praia do Rosa in Florianopolis is the right spot to find them. It is a chance to observe the life of whales.

For months and seasons

Each season provides different elements. So, whether you are finding awesome celebrations or just relaxing adventures on some beautiful beaches, Brazil can meet yours.

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
21°C - 29°C 20°C - 29°C 18°C - 30°C 20°C - 31°C
Quite hot and humid, especially in the Amazon region Mild and rainy, except Northeast Dry. Rio de Janeiro is warmer.  

Dry. The Amazon region is cool and pleasant because of rainfalls.


November to March

This is the summertime and also the peak season of tourists. Beaches are open. Festivals and parades burst. The final quarter of the year is also Christmas Eve and New Year. Everything explodes! Nevertheless, the Southern region and Amazon forest have lots of rainfalls.

April to July

This is the rainy season in Brazil. Except for the Amazon area and Southern Brazil, the rest of the nation always has thick rainfalls during this time. Thus, visitors stay away and it becomes the off-season.

September and October

September and October are two transition months. In other words, the climate is unique. The average temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. For travelers, this is the shoulder season in Brazil.

For festivals

Brazil is the country of festivals, parades, and celebrations. This is also the reason for travelers to visit Brazil. Carnival and June Party are two common festivities. From April to October, this is the best time to go to Brazil with numerous festivals.

For regions

Stroll around the beaches; take an exploration tour of the Amazon jungle, relish the exalted jaguars of the Pantanal wetland area – these activities could become your compass to determine the best time to go to Brazil.


If you would like to enjoy the Amazon jungle initially, the greatest time to go is from June to September. The Amazon forest had a humid and hot climate at that time. Sometimes, it provides plentiful rainfall. December, January, February, and May are the right time to visit local beaches such as Praia do Gunga, Porto de Galinhas, Caraíva, and Jericoacoara.


The region has a jolly climate throughout the year. However, the weather has a little bit hot. September and November are two perfect months for traveling to Northeast Brazil. The peak of the tourist season is three months – from December to February.


Winter is the accurate period. For Brazilians, the winter is distinct from other countries (between June and August). The climate is pretty hot and it still offers mild rains. For the rest of the time, you can take an excursion without much hassle.

São Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Rio de Janeiro are the three main famous destinations in Southern Brazil. From December to February is the peak period because it is full of travelers and the local’s holiday. If you want to avoid a crowded city, you should not book the tour during that period.

Central and Eastern

If watching the rain is not your interest, you will not want to have a vacation in Central and Eastern Brazil during the summer. The climate is a little bit cool and pleasant. In winter, it is dry and hot. From April to September is the most sensational time to travel.

For the budget

For those who would like to save budget when traveling to Brazil, think of cities and the tourist season.



São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are two big cities with expensive living budgets all year round. Most of the northern cities are less expensive. Between April and July is the off-season, so it is also the best time to go to Brazil.

Christmas Eve, New Year, and Carnival are the highest times of traveling such as accommodation, flights, fares, tours, and other activities. If you want to visit the country during this time with a comfortable budget, be prepared for the price plan and book accommodation before (at least three months).

For climate

Winter in Brazil is the opposite of other countries on the continent. The Northern Hemisphere, for instance, lasts between May and September.

In Rio de Janeiro, winter is similar to the North of Europe. It is quite hot and the temperature ranges from 14 to mid-20 degrees Celsius. Due to the humidity, evenings are chilly and a little bit cold. Thus, remember to wear jackets. For those who love hiking in Rio, winter is the best time to travel.



Final Words

Because of the extensive size and manifold sightseeing of Brazil, there is no denying that the weather is also diverse. No matter what time of the month or year you decide to come to Brazil, you will relish warm weather, sunshine, and beautiful skies somewhere. Do you have the best time to go to Brazil?

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